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Arduino Tutorials

These Arduino tutorials will help guide you through learning how to use the Arduino. From basics to advanced skills, this is the place to get started!


Start here and learn the basics.

Arduino Introduction TutorialAn Introduction to the Arduino
Learn the basics in this Arduino 101
Arduino Install the IDEArduino Software Installation
Install the IDE to write code and program it.
Arduino Hardware Preparation
Buy the hardware and plug it in!
Arduino Basics Hello WorldArduino Basics: Hello World!
Write your very first Arduino program!
Arduino Code Structure TutorialArduino Basics: Code Structure
Learn how sketches are structured!
Arduino Serial Monitor TutorialArduino Serial Monitor Basics
Learn how to use the Arduino serial monitor.
Arduino Serial Plotter TutorialArduino Serial Plotter Basics
Learn how to use the Arduino serial plotter.


These tutorials will get you started with LEDs.

Arduino Blinking LED TutorialArduino Blinking an LED
Learn how to simply make an LED blink.
Arduino Light Sensor LED TutorialArduino LED Triggered by Light Sensor
Light an LED when it gets dark!
Fading an LED TutorialArduino Fading an LED
Fade in or out an LED without delay().
Arduino Knight Rider LED TutorialArduino Knight Rider LED
Make the Knight Rider/Cylon Eye LED effect.
Arduino Traffic Light ProjectArduino Traffic Light
Make a traffic light! Green/Yellow/Red.
Arduino Rolling Dice LEDArduino Rolling Dice
Make dice roll using LEDs!
Arduino Button and LED Toggle TutorialToggle an LED with a Button
LED On/Off with a button press.
Arduino LED Potentiometer TutorialFade an LED with a Potentiometer
Turn the pot to change LED brightness!
Arduino RGB LED TutorialArduino RGB LED
Make any of 16M colors with an RGB LED!


Using buttons with your Arduino.

Arduino Button TutorialArduino Button Tutorial
Learn the basics of buttons!
Arduino Button and LED Toggle TutorialToggle an LED with a Button
Change the state of an LED with a button!
Arduino Button Relay TutorialToggle a Relay with a Button
Change the state of a Relay with a button.
Debouncing a Switch TutorialDebouncing a Switch
Hardware and software debouncing a switch.
Arduino Rotary Encoder TutorialArduino Rotary Encoders
Using rotary encoders in your projects!
Arduino Limit Switch TutorialUsing Limit Switches
Learn how to use limit switches with the Arduino!


Tutorials focusing on displays, such as LCD.

Arduino LCD Display TutorialArduino LCD Display Tutorial
Wire an LCD character display to an Arduino.


Tutorials on using Light Sensors (Photoresistors).

Arduino Light Sensor TutorialArduino Light Sensor Tutorial
Connect a photoresistor to the Arduino.
Arduino Light Sensor LED TutorialArduino Light Sensor LED Tutorial
Control and LED with a Photoresistor!
Arduino Force Sensor TutorialArduino Force Sensor
Teach your Arduino to sense touch and pressure.


Tutorials about Piezo Buzzers and Arduinos!

Arduino Piezo Buzzer TutorialArduino Piezo Buzzer Tutorial
Active or Passive piezo buzzer! Beep!
Arduino Button Piezo Buzzer TutorialArduino Piezo Buzzer Button Tutorial
Control a Piezo Buzzer with a Button.
Arduino Motion sensor piezo buzzer tutorialArduino Motion Sensor Piezo Buzzer
Make an Arduino motion activated alarm!


Relays to control devices with higher voltages.

Arduino Button Relay TutorialControl a Relay with a Button
The basics of toggling a relay with a button.
Arduino High Voltage Relay TutorialArduino High Voltage Relay Tutorial
Control high voltage sources with an Arduino.


Using a numeric keypad with your Arduino.

Arduino Keypad TutorialArduino Keypad Tutorial
Use a keypad to control user access to things!


Get your Arduino talking to other devices!

Arduino Ethernet TutorialArduino Ethernet Tutorial
Get your Arduino talking on the internet!
Arduino I2C TutorialHow I2C Works
Use I2C serial connections with an Arduino.
Arduino to Raspberry Pi I2CRaspberry Pi to Arduino I2C Tutorial
Talk between an RPI and Arduino with I2C!


Sense the world around your Arduino!

Arduino Temperature Sensor TutorialArduino Temperature Sensor
Learn how to use the DHT11/22 temp sensors.
Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor TutorialArduino Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial
Learn how to measure distance with sound!
Arduino Water Level Sensor TutorialArduino Water level Sensor
Tutorial on using water level sensors.
Arduino Touch Sensor TutorialArduino Touch Sensor
Learn to make a touch lamp!


Simple coding tutorials to up your game!

Millis vs Delay TutorialMillis() vs Delay()
Stop blocking your code! Stop using Delay()!
Arduino Hardware Software Reset using Code TutorialReset an Arduino from Code
Software or Hardware reset using code!
Arduino Code MergeCombining Two Arduino Sketches
Merge your code from two sketches.
Converting a String to an IntegerConvert a String to an Integer Arduino
Convert Strings and Char Arrays to Ints!


Frequently asked Arduino questions.

Arduino to Raspberry Pi I2CComing Soon!