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Square vs Plumb: What’s the difference?

Square vs Plumb hero image

Technical terms get tossed around all the time in the maker community. And the technical meaning of these terms don’t always translate from country to country, or even different regions within the same country! Two terms we see a lot of confusion on in the maker community is “square” and “plumb”.  Some people use these […]

Why I Use Filler Primer

Why Use Filler Primer

Filler Primer is one of those things that once you learn about it you’ll wonder why you never used it before! Filler primer is a thicker primer that fills in scratches and uneven surfaces before painting. It’s perfect for places like the cut edges of MDF and plywood.  Once filled and sanded it will be […]

Setting Up a Miter Saw

Most workshops have a miter saw. A miter saw is one of the go to tools for many operations. They can be used for cutting wood, plastic, PVC, and even non-ferrous metals like aluminum and brass. If your new to miter saws, or even if you’ve been using one for decades this article will be […]

Circular Saw Basics

Everyone should know their circular saw basics.  Circular saws are incredibly handy shop tools. In many workshops, the circular is used more than any other tool, and they are generally the go-to tool for cutting down sheet goods into manageable sizes, before moving to the table saw for the precision cuts. In this article we’re going […]

4 Glues Every Workshop Should Have

Glues are used in just about every workshop. Let’s talk about 4 glues every workshop should have! A visit to the local home improvement center will send you on your way with madness being unable to decide which glue to buy. The truth is, most of the glues on the shelf are all marketing. In […]

Planing Boards that are Wider than your Planer

The planer is one of the most used tools in a woodworking shop. It’s almost indispensable really. Unfortunately they can also be very expensive tools, and the bigger ones are generally out of most people’s budgets. Most shops I visit have a 12 inch to 14 inch planer. These planers (like the DeWalt 735X, get […]

How to use Digital Calipers (The Right Way)

A set of digital calipers are just about mandatory for any workshop.  Even a small shop or just someone who is a tinkerer is going to want a set.  Digital calipers can be had in several variations, but the most common style is known as Vernier Calipers.  Before they were digital, vernier calipers either had […]

Which Dust Mask for Woodworking?

Dust collection for your shop is extremely important and shouldn’t be an afterthought.  But even the best dust collection systems are not enough.  You need protection for the loose dust that will inevitably make it into the air around you.  The last thing you want is that dust making it into your lungs.  There are […]

End-Grain through the Planer? Just Don’t!

If you’re new to woodworking then you’ve probably never even considered the pros and cons of running end-grain through a planer.  In fact, often times new woodworkers attempt this feat without ever thinking about it at all.  It usually goes something like this… They decide to make a cutting board.  They read end-grain is the […]

Grounding a Dust Collection System

In a recent article and video publication we discussed installing an Automated Dust Collection System.  In this article and video we installed a PVC “grounded” dust collection system into the shop.  PVC is very prone to generating a static charge when air is moving along the inside of it, along with charged particles of wood […]