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The Geek Pub Shop Tour

The-Geek-Pub-Shop-BlueprintMy workshop was designed and built as part of the construction of my home.  It resides on the back of a two car garage.  It’s roughly 16′ x 16′ and has a double door 8′ tall and 12′ wide into the garage.  There’s a concrete ramp between the garage floor and workshop floor.  This allows me to use the garage as part of the workshop when I need more room, and allows me to close the doors when in use, or to keep dust (or paint fumes) out of the garage. The garage and workshop are fully insulated, but not currently heated or cooled.  However, the insulation alone seems to make a dramatic difference in the comfort during the summer months.  In the future I hope to add some sort of heating and cooling device such as a mini-split.  I want to see how tolerable my first winter in the shop is.

The shop is designed with mobility in mind and my tools and benches are all on wheels.  This allows me to easily reorganize the shop, or move the tools into the larger garage for bigger projects.  It also makes servicing the equipment much easier.

I also designed the shop with electrical in mind.  There are multiple waist-high plugs around the shop in both 110v and 220v. There are plugs placed at strategic locations in the ceiling, as well as drop lights on retractable cords.

The shop is not designed around any specific type of tool or brand of tool.  I want the shop to be as versatile and future proof as possible.  Should I ever want to change a tool or workflow, then all is well. I’m also often asked which tool I bought first.  The answer is “it depends”.  I bought most of my hand tools first.  And most all of my larger shop tools have been replaced over time with better versions.  The first large shop tool I bought was a table saw.

You can also see my live ShopCam at any time!

The Geek Pub Shop Tour

Click on any image below to learn more about each item!  I’ve got a lot more to add, and I will do that over time as well as expand the articles on each tool.  When and if I replace or discard a tool, I will move it to the replaced/obsolete section, but keep it online so that you can follow my progression of tool upgrades.

SawStop Professional Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly G0555LANV Bandsaw

DeWalt DW735X Planer


Grizzly G0548ZP 2HP Dust Collector

Ryobi Drill Press

Ryobi Disc/Belt Sander


DeWalt Miter Saw

Torsion Box Assembly Table

Inventables X-Carve


WoodRiver 12″ Disc Sander

Grizzly H3140 1X30 Belt Sander

Jet Air Filtration AFS-1000B

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This is a Shop Tour I did when I started my channel back up in mid-2015 after we moved to our new house. It’s really out of date, so maybe in the coming months I will make a new version for you guys.