Most orders for IN STOCK items placed by 12PM CST M-F ship SAME DAY. Orders for custom items and prints may take additional time to process.

Return and Refund Policy

It is our mission to make sure you are a satisfied customer. If any component of your order is defective or damaged we will replace it free of charge for 90 days. In most cases the manufacturer offers an additional warranty up to two years, depending on the vendor.

We accept returns within 7 days of shipping for a full refund of the purchase price for most products (minus a 20% restocking fee).

NOTE: For certain mitigating circumstances we may offer to waive the 20% restocking fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Customer is responsible for all packaging and return shipping charges, including insuring the return with the carrier. DIY arcade parts, kits, templates, skins, cut to length molding, custom orders, and plans are non-returnable and non-refundable. If the product is damaged during shipping do not accept the package from the carrier. If for some reason you did not notice the damage before you accepted the package, you will need to file a claim with the carrier. You will need pictures of the damaged packaging and damaged product before they can initiate this process. We have the right to either replace the damaged part with a new part or refurbished part.

Any non-authorized customer or 3rd party modifications to the part, cabinets, or kits will void the warranty. Any commercial use voids the warranty. All decisions by The Geek Pub are final.

Replacement Parts for DIY Electronic Components (incl. Arcade Kits)

NOTE: The vast majority of RMA requests for DIY components turn out to be damage or misconfiguration from builder mistakes or inexperience.

Due to the nature of DIY arcade kits and components it is common for inexperienced builders to cause damage to components by shorting them out or failing to properly follow the arcade kit instructions. The Geek Pub cannot replace components that are damaged by miswiring, wires pulled from buttons without being released first, or cracked button caps from failure to release them properly.

Additionally, it is very common for builders to believe a component is faulty, when instead there is software configuration problem. For example, a builder will believe their encoder board is defective when instead they have set the mode wrong, have engaged the turbo function, or have a misconfiguration in your emulation platform (e.g. MAME, Retropie, etc.).

If you are certain the DIY component is defective, you may contact customer service for an RMA. The component will be tested. If the component is found to be defective a new unit will be sent out free of charge. Our testing procedures included looking for blown shunts, evidence of shorts, etc. If the component has been found to be shorted or otherwise damaged, the customer will be responsible for ordering a replacement at their expense and a $25 testing charge will be billed. If the part is found to be in good working order and the issue was a software configuration problem, the customer will be charged for return shipping plus a $25 troubleshooting charge.

We hope that you can appreciate this stance for this type of product. This policy ensures that we can continue to offer high-quality products at the best prices by limiting returns of non-defective products.

Extended Warranty / Geek Pub Premium

If you are a Geek Pub Premium Member with Annual subscription, all of your Geek Pub branded products are covered under extended warranty under the following conditions:

  • You must have purchased a Premium Annual subscription within 30 days of your product purchase. (In other words, you can not purchase a new subscription and have it cover a product you purchased 6 months ago.) If you already have a Premium Annual subscription, all new purchases are automatically covered.
  • Your subscription must stay continuously active. (You can not cancel and then renew two years later to cover a 3 year old product, for example.)
  • 3rd party products are not covered unless specifically mentioned on the product details page. Only Geek Pub branded products are covered automatically.

In most cases, Geek Pub Premium members may skip the return and testing requirements for many products but you may be required to pay for shipping.

Items Returned without an RMA

All returns require an RMA. Items sent to The Geek Pub without an RMA number will be held in storage for a maximum of 60 days. If the customer has not contacted us within that time to arrange payment for return shipping plus a $25 handling fee (+taxes) the item will be donated or destroyed. Without a valid RMA written on the box it is possible we will be unable to find your item(s) (as we have no way of tracking or identifying them) and the item(s) will not be refunded or replaced.

Items Returned by the Shipping Carrier(s)

For items returned to us by the shipping carrier(s) for non-delivery due to the following reasons:

  • Customer refused delivery, or requested return to sender without being directed to do so by us.
  • Customer failed/refused to sign for delivery when signature was required.
  • Customer failed to pickup order held at post office or local carrier office.
  • Customer failed/refused to pay import duties/taxes.
  • Customer provided an incorrect shipping address.
  • Customer was not available to receive or pickup package in locations where the carrier must leave tag on door.
  • Any other situation where customer did not accept, sign for, pay duties, taxes, or other import fees for a package.

We will refund your order minus shipping charges and 20% restocking fee.

NOTE: For certain mitigating circumstances we may offer to waive the 20% restocking fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable.