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Space Invaders Pinout

Space Invaders Pinout Hero

I recently restored a Midway Space Invaders cabinet that had numerous issues with the motherboard set. It was acting very flaky. I thought I would share some of the information starting with the Space Invaders Pinout. The board I dealt with was a Space Invaders Deluxe board. The Space Invaders pinout can vary between brands […]

MAME Cabinet – Buy or Build One!

MAME Cabinet

Anyone who loves retro arcade games should consider a MAME cabinet. You can buy great cabinets or build your very own for not much money!

Arcade Button Labels

We’ve tried many ways of creating arcade button labels over the years. Originally we used a Cricut hobby vinyl cutter and made our labels, then someone mentioned we could try a P-Touch printer and that worked OK. And of course we tried ordering arcade button labels from the internet and that turned out to be […]

How Arcade Restrictor Gates Work

How Arcade Restrictor Gates Work

Many new to gaming tend to believe that all joysticks are the same and just buy the cheapest one they can find. Using the best arcade joysticks with tight tolerances and quality components can mean the difference between an OK game and a great game. However, using a high quality joystick with the wrong arcade […]

GBS-8200 Manual (CGA to VGA converter)

GBS-8200 Manual

This GBS-8200 manual covers the configuration, operation, and troubleshooting for the GBS-8200/GBS-8220. It converts CGA, EGA, and YUV (component) to VGA. This allows you to connect older equipment to VGA TFT monitors or to new HDTVs that have a VGA input. You can buy the GBS-8200 in our online store. GBS-8200 Features Supports CGA, EGA, […]

Pandora’s Box 5S Game List

Pandora's Box 5S Game List

This is a Pandora’s Box 5S game list and some some quick information on what the PB5S-999 actually is! The PB5S is a drop in replacement mainboard system for existing arcade machines, or can be used to build your very own custom arcade cabinet. It uses a standard JAMMA connector and the standard JAMMA pinout […]

JAMMA Pinout (PDF)

JAMMA Pinout PDF Included

Whether you’ve just started learning about arcades or you’re a die hard arcade fan, you’ve no doubt heard JAMMA mentioned in conversations. JAMMA is an industry standard connector used on arcade boards. Standards make things easier to work on and understand! In this article, we’re going to cover the JAMMA wiring and connector and provide […]

Where to Download RetroPie ROMs?

Where to download RetroPie ROMs

The Geek Pub makes arcade build videos and arcade plans.  Most of our customers are of course using a Raspberry Pi single board computer and running RetroPie in their Geek Pub arcade cabinets. On a daily basis we get at least 10 emails asking us “Where can I download RetroPie ROMs from?” In the past […]

Using my Templates

Many of my plans include spray on templates that will make making your project much simpler. You can simply print these templates out and then either glue or tape them to your build. This video will show you the best practices for using these templates. It is always best to use spray adhesive. If you […]

Adding Arcade Volume Control

finished volume control wiring

Adding an arcade volume control is a pretty simple task, but there’s a few things you’ll need to do both mechanically and electrically to get it to work correctly.  In this tutorial, were going to add a volume control to the tabletop arcade, although this same method will work on any DIY arcade. There are […]