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Arduino: Use a Motion Sensor to Sound a Piezo Buzzer

Arduino Use a motion sensor to sound a piezo buzzer

In this Arduino tutorial we’re going to learn how to use a motion sensor to sound a piezo buzzer. This is great for an intrusion detection circuit or burglar alarm circuit! Any time the motion sensor senses movement the piezo buzzer will make an audible sound. In this tutorial we will use an active piezo […]

Control a Piezo Buzzer with a Button

Arduino Control a Piezo buzzer with a Button

In this Arduino Tutorial we’re going to learn how to control a piezo buzzer with a button. Pressing a button on your breadboard will cause the piezo buzzer to sound. In this tutorial we will be using a active piezo buzzer. If you’d like to do this with a passive piezo buzzer you can find […]

Arduino Piezo Buzzer Tutorial

Arduino Piezo Buzzer Tutorial

A piezo buzzer is a fantastic way to add feedback to users of your projects. In this Arduino piezo buzzer tutorial, we’re going to dive into the different types of piezo buzzers, how they work, how to wire them up to your Arduino, and write a sketch to control them. Before you know it, piezo […]

Arduino Light Sensor Tutorial

Arduino Light Sensor Tutorial

In this Arduino light sensor tutorial we’re going to show the basics of connecting a light sensor (or photoresistor) to the Arduino and reading its input. A photoresistor is a sensor that changes resistance based on the amount of light being delivered to its sensor. In this way we not only detect whether it is […]

Arduino Control a Relay with a Button

Use a button to control a relay: Arduino Tutorial

In this Arduino tutorial, we’re going to learn how to control a relay with a button. This is a very similar tutorial to our button LED control tutorial, but with a relay! The main difference being that a relay will allow you to control something of higher voltage than the Arduino can control directly. RELATED: […]

Arduino Use a Button to Toggle an LED

use a button to toggle an LED Arduino

In this next tutorial on the Arduino platform we’re going to learn how to use a button to toggle an LED On and Off with the press of a momentary push button. This isn’t like turning a switch on and off, rather its controlled by logic in the Arduino’s microcontroller. The Arduino reads the state […]

Arduino Button Tutorial

Arduino Button Tutorial

In this beginner series we’re going to go over the basics and need to knows of connecting a button to the Arduino and using it in your sketches. This Arduino button tutorial also covers the basics of the button itself, as it is not always obvious how a button is designed to work under the […]

Arduino Fading an LED

Fading and LED Tutorial

Fading an LED is something you’ll likely use in lot of your projects. It’s a really nice and elegant effect to make the indicators in your projects more pleasing. Parts List of this Project QTY PART/LINK 1X Arduino Uno Arduino Uno 1X USB Type B Cable 1X Solderless Breadboard 1X Jumper Wire Kit 1X LED […]

Debouncing a Switch in Hardware or Software

switch bounce oscilloscope

When you flip a switch or press a button two metal contacts come together. It might seem like they make immediate contact and complete a circuit.  However, in reality as they make contact they mechanically bounce, making brief contact several times before making a solid connection. In some cases this bounce can also be electrical […]

How Rotary Encoders Work – Electronics Basics

how rotary encoders work

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how rotary encoders work! Rotary encoders (also shaft encoders) are a fantastic way to dial in a position, or determine the position of a shaft. This could be the position of a knob you are turning, or it could be an encoder connected to a stepper motor to […]