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Arduino Limit Switch Tutorial

Arduino Limit Switch Tutorial

In this Arduino limit switch tutorial, we’re going to talk about how to use the limit switch within our Arduino projects. The limit switch is a fantastic tool for use in projects that have motion control and automation. The limit switch can be used to tell the Arduino that a stop point has been reached. […]

Arduino Force Sensor Tutorial

Arduino Force Sensor Tutorial

The Arduino force sensor is a super neat sensor that you can use in your projects to measure if something is being pressed upon and to what degree. The force sensor is used in many devices that you might not expect. For example the drum pad! When you tap on a drum pad there is […]

Arduino RGB LED Tutorial

Arduino RGB LED

Arduino RGB LED configuration! That’s what we’re covering in this tutorial! Most of the time you will be using LEDs that are a single color. Red, green, or blue for example. an RGB LED is basically three LEDs in one that can produce many thousands of colors! Please note this tutorial is not about WS2812b […]

Convert a String to an Integer – Arduino

Convert a String to an Integer

The Arduino is a fantastic little piece of hardware. The little Atmega microcontroller under the hood is capable of some amazing stuff! In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to convert a string to an Integer on the Arduino! And in the case that you are using a character array, we’ll also learn how […]

Combining Two Arduino Sketches

Combining two Arduino Sketches

It’s often as a beginner that you will need to learn the art (and science) of combining two Arduino sketches (code) into a single sketch. Sketches are the name Arduino calls their code or program files. It’s not as simple as copying and pasting one sketch into the other. This will fail to compile and […]

Arduino Touch Sensor Tutorial

Arduino Touch Sensor

In this tutorial we will cover the basics of the Arduino touch sensor. It’s one of the fundamental input devices available for the platform. I a touch sensor simply put senses when it comes in contact with a human, be it finger, toe, or even your nose. The touch sensor can be substituted in many […]

How to Reset an Arduino Using Code

How to reset an Arduino using code

One question I get asked regularly is just how to reset an Arduino using code. This sounds like something you should never need to do. But resetting an Arduino programmatically is most likely something you will eventually encounter in your Arduino journey! There are two basic types of resets for the Arduino (or just about […]

How to use millis Instead of Delay

How to use Millis instead of Delay on the Arduino

Learning how to use millis instead of delay is a key principle for learning the Arduino platform. The delay() function will cause all code executing on the Arduino to come to a complete halt and it will stay halted until the delay function has completed its delay time. We often refer to the delay() function […]

How to Fade an LED with a Potentiometer: Arduino

Arduino Use a Potentiometer to fade an LED

In this Arduino tutorial, we’re going to learn the basics of how to fade an LED with a potentiometer. As you turn the knob of the potentiometer the resistance changes. The Arduino will take this readings on the connected analog pin and then software will use a PWM signal at the correct frequency to light […]

Arduino Light Sensor Triggers an LED Tutorial

Light Sensor Trigger LED (photoresistor triggers LED)

In this Arduino tutorial, we’re going to make a a circuit wherein a light sensor triggers and LED to light based on the the level of light in the room. Light sensors are actually light sensitive resistors (or photoresistors). With this type of resistor, its value resistance value changes based on the amount of light […]