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The Ultimate RetroPie Setup Guide (2022)

The Ultimate Retropie Setup Guide

There are a lot of cool Raspberry Pi projects out there, and you can hardly go wrong in pursuing any of them. But if there’s one Raspberry Pi project that is nearest to the hearts of casual D. I. Pi-ers, it’s the RetroPie. For the price of a Raspberry Pi, power supply, Micro SD card, […]

Building a Breadboard Synthesizer With a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Uno

Build a Breadboard Synthesizer (Raspberry Pi Synthesizer) Hero

There’s a lazy stereotype about middle-aged men that says that all we want to do is tinker with our gadgets. I’m doing very little to challenge it, which I guess is how I came to weather the pandemic by trying to build my own Raspberry Pi synthesizer.  Building a breadboard synthesizer is a fun project […]

Raspberry Pi Unifi Controller Setup

Raspberry Pi Unifi Controller

Ubiquiti (and their Unifi gear) have become my go to for just about anything network related. Their gear is feature rich, rock solid, and seems to really “just work”.  We couldn’t be bigger fans.  Since Unifi gear runs a Software Defined Network (SDN), it is not configured like traditional routers and switches via a command-line […]

Raspberry Pi Syslog Server Setup

Raspberry Pi Syslog Server

In this fun tutorial we’re going learn how to setup a Raspberry Pi syslog server using a Raspberry Pi and some free open source packages.  It only takes a few minutes and it is incredibly useful! Syslog is short for System Logging Protocol. This protocol is  used by computer systems to send local event logs […]

Setup a Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

Minecraft is more fun when you have a server to play on. With a Minecraft server up and running, you and your friends can meet up and team up as you explore the same Minecraft world. But running a server can sometimes be a pain, too. Servers are best when they’re always on — you […]

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Weather Station

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

How’s the weather? With this DIY project, you’ll always have a very precise answer. Sure, you could check websites or smartphone apps, but why pass up the chance to build a Raspberry Pi weather station? This project is a great way to get used to dealing with the Sense HAT, Python scripts, and even web […]

The Best GPIO Tutorial for Raspberry Pi that We Could Write

The Best GPIO Tutorial

You can do a lot with a Raspberry Pi even if you limit yourself to what comes on the board. But if you’re willing and able to learn how to use the Pi’s general-purpose input/output pins — or GPIO pins, for short — then you’ll be able to do so much more. If you’re new […]

RetroPie PS4 Controller Guide for the Raspberry Pi

RetroPie PS4 Controller Guide

You can set up a RetroPie on the cheap with just about any USB controller, including super-cheap options like these ones. But just because you can doesn’t mean that you should! RetroPie supports games that demand the use of additional shoulder buttons and joysticks, which the super-cheap USB controllers don’t always have. Besides, great games […]

How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Ad Blocker

How to Use a Raspberry Pi Ad Blocker

Ads: who needs ’em? Well, this website needs them to keep the lights on. But you don’t need them, right? That’s why ad blockers, usually in the form of browser extensions, are so popular. The problem with browser extensions, though, is that they only work with certain browsers or on certain devices. What if you […]

Setup a Raspberry Pi Wireless Access Point

raspberry pi wireless access point bridge mode

Did you know that the Raspberry Pi can be a wireless AP?  That’s right!  With just a few commands we can make a Raspberry Pi wireless access point that can be used to share your home internet with all of your devices! This is made especially easy now that the Raspberry Pi‘s come with built […]