This GBS-8200 manual covers the configuration, operation, and troubleshooting for the GBS-8200/GBS-8220. It converts CGA, EGA, and YUV (component) to VGA. This allows you to connect older equipment to VGA TFT monitors or to new HDTVs that have a VGA input.

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GBS-8200 Features

  • Supports CGA, EGA, and YUV (component) signal input
  • Supports VGA at
    • 640×480
    • 800×600
    • 1024x768
    • 1360×768
  • CGA and EGA signal auto scan at 15, 24,, and 31 KHz
  • YUV (YPbPr) signal auto scan at 480i/480p, 576i/576p, 720i/720p, and 1080i/1080p
  • On-screen display supports English and Chinese
  • Adjustable position zoom controls
  • True digital 24-bit A/D converter for true 16.7-million color conversion
  • Supports all VGA monitors, including CRT, LCD, PDP, and projectors


In addition to this GBS-8200 manual, the following items are included in the box:

  • The main GBS-8200/GBS-8220 PCB
  • Power Cable (2 pin, +5V)
  • TGB Cable (8 pin, 6 wire)

GBS-8200 Menu Control

MENUOpens the on-screen-display (OSD) and works as the “enter” key.
UPup / increase
DOWN/AUTOdown / reduce

When not in the OSD menu:
Press this key to auto scan for a CGA or EGA signal.
Press and hold for 5 seconds, then release to reset the system.
SWWhen not in the OSD menu:
Switches input signal between YUV / RGBS / RGBHV.
Clamp sp / Clamp stThis is for adjusting the output if your picture has black spots or discolorations.

Power Supplies

  • Power cable (2 Pin Connector)
  • Multi-Voltage Power Supply:
    • Switching Power Supply (Center Positive)
    • Input: 100-240VAC
    • Output: 5V DC 2.0A

GBS-8220 Board Layout and Diagram

No GBS-8200 manual would be complete without a board layout and diagram! The board is laid out as follows:

GBS-8220 Manual: Basic Configuration and Installation

Connect the output monitor (your VGA monitor) to:

  • The VGA OUT connector (sometimes labeled P4), if your monitor uses a 15-pin DSUB connector.
  • To the 12 pin VGA header if your monitor has a ribbon cable.

Connect the CGA, EGA, or YUV output from your JAMMA connection to:

  • The 5 pin RGB input header if your JAMMA connector already has one wired up (most common).
  • Or, use the included 5 pin RGB adapter cable and make the following connections:
    • Red Video to Red Wire/P11 (R)
    • Green Video to Green Wire/P11 (G)
    • Blue Video to Blue Wire/P11 (B)
    • H. Sync to Gray Wire/P11 (S)
    • V. Sync to Yellow Wire/P11 (VS)
    • Ground Ref to Black Wire/P11 (GND)

For more information on the JAMMA Pinout go here.

Connect the GBS-8220 PCB to your +5VDC Power Source:

  • Connect the RED wire of the power cable to the +5VDC source and the BLACK wire to the DC GROUND source. connect the 2-pin.
  • Connector the power cable to P9 on the GBS-8220 converter PCB.

Note: The power requirement for the GBS-8220 is +5VDC +/- .5VDC @ 2A. If the power supply is unable deliver 2amps, the GBS-8200 will behave erratically.

Power up the GBS-8220 Converter

  • Power up the GBS-8220 converter and wait 5 seconds.
  • Press the AUTO button on the GBS-8200/8220 PCB. This should self-adjust and lock-in the picture on your VGA output monitor.

If you don not see a picture:

  • Remove the P11 wire harness from the converter P11 connector.
  • Move the GRAY wire over one position on the connector (so it is next to the YELLOW wire).
  • Connect back into the converter and power up then try the AUTO button again.

GBS-8200/GBS-8220 Troubleshooting FAQ

In addition to providing a GBS-8200 manual, the following are some common troubleshooting questions and answers:

Q: No signal displayed on monitor
A: Check that both the input and output cables are connected and that the power to the GBS-8200/8220 is on. Try pressing the SW button to change input sources.

Q: “Input not supported” is displayed on the screen.
A: Your monitor may not support all resolutions. Lower the output resolution. You can also reset the GBS-8200 to its default 800×600 resolution by pressing DOWN/AUTO for 5 seconds and releasing.

Q: Image does not fill the screen.
A: Use the position and zoom controls to adjust.

Q: Image shakes or freezes
A: Press DOWN/AUTO to initiate an auto scan. This should restore the image.

Q: Black area on the screen, screen is too dark, or colors are not correct.
A: Adjust “Clamp sp” and “Clamp st” while keeping “Clamp st” less than “Clamp sp”. Generally “Clamp st” set to 3 and “Clamp sp” sett to 4 will be optimal.

Q: Image color not right
A: Use RGB ADJUST potentiometers to correct colors.