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How to install Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi

Installing Raspbian

We have a lot of Raspberry Pi projects and Arduino projects and tutorials on our site.  There are a lot of great resources already for learning how to install Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi, included the one from the Raspberry Pi foundation itself.  However, some of our readers pointed out that they didn’t want to […]

Setup a Raspberry Pi VPN Server

Raspberry Pi VPN Server

A VPN server is a great way to provide secure, encrypted remote access to your home.  VPN servers are built-in to many pro grade firewalls and home router appliance.  pfSense for example is a great open source home firewall that includes both OpenVPN and IPSEC services out of the box.  However, many home users don’t […]

The Best Raspberry Pi Plex Client: RasPlex

RasPlex is without a doubt the simplest way to turn any RPi into a super easy to use Raspberry Pi Plex client.  It’s a fantastic and super affordable solution that could be used on every television in your home.  When you compare the cost of a Raspberry Pi 3 at ~$25 to that of an […]

Create a Raspberry Pi NAS with Samba or OMV

Raspberry Pi NAS Open media vault

In this tutorial we’re going to cover two great ways to create a Raspberry Pi NAS for your home (or office)!  It’s a great way to store media files, photos, personal documents, and more.  It’s also a good idea to have a place to keep backup copies of items stored on your home PC or […]

Setup a Raspberry Pi Chromecast Alternative

raspicast android

A lot of us use a Google Chromecast to stream (or “cast”) movies, TV shows, home videos, and pictures to our televisions and theater room screens.  It’s a great alternative to Apple’s proprietary Airplay service.  However, many people have become hesitant to use some of the technology from these big tech conglomerates because of privacy […]

How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Plex Server

The Plex media server is probably the most popular home media server software, right next to Kodi and XBMC. Indeed, we here at The Geek Pub run Plex as our media server of choice. It’s elegant, simple, and works with almost every streaming device and console around. Plex has clients for Apple TV, Roku, XBOX, […]

Using the DHT11 Temperature Sensor with the Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover using the the DHT11 (or DHT22) temperature and humidity sensor with the Raspberry Pi.  Using the DHT11 temperature sensor with the Raspberry Pi is a great way to get temperature and humidity readings in your projects. Especially to keep tabs on how hot your Raspberry Pi is, if […]

How to Backup a Raspberry Pi

Many people pour hours and hours into developing a project on their Raspberry Pi and never put any though in how to back up their work. A Raspberry Pi is a used a lot for prototyping and electronics learning projects. It’s a super fantastic computer for these purposes and even includes a full set of […]

How I2C Works (I2C Explained Simply)

I2C is an extremely common protocol integrated into many products. It allows serial communications between many devices over just two wires. In this tutorial we will cover how I2C works and show some real world examples. If you plan on linking multiple Arduinos or connecting an Arduino to a Raspberry Pi, its an incredibly useful […]

Change the Raspberry Pi DNS Settings

In this quick tutorial we will cove the right way to change the Raspberry Pi DNS settings so you can change your DNS server to Google DNS, OpenDNS, or even the DNS server from your ISP. DNS or Domain Name Service is the service which your Raspberry Pi (and all internet connected devices) convert the […]