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Easy Arduino Dice Circuit

In this project tutorial we’re going to build a super easy Arduino dice circuit. It’s a great learning project and one of the first project a lot of people new to the Arduinos or micro-controllers in general like to do because it is simple to understand. We’ve added a neat twist to our dice circuit […]

Controlling an Arduino from a Web Page

When I got my first Arduino the first thing I thought was “Wow! I’d love to be able to control this thing from a web page!”, but of our course I didn’t have an Ethernet shield. So recently I decided to grab a shield from Amazon and see what I could do. First things first […]

Using Arduino Temperature Sensors DHT11 and DHT22

Having your Arduino aware of temperature and humidity adds some really neat real world use cases for your Arduino projects, so in this tutorial we will focus on using Arduino temperature sensors in our projects! Specifically we will focus on the Adafruit DHT11 and DHT22 temerature and humidity sensors. Since we will be building off […]

Arduino LCD Display Wiring

One of the first projects many people like to do with an Arduino is wiring up an LCD display and programming it.  This is because LCD screens have so many applications in the real world. You can display information to the user, error and diagnostic codes, and even fun little animations. Creating a game on […]

Arduino Train Crossing Project

In this project we’re going to put together a simple Arduino train crossing! While practically this project is simply to help you learn how to use buttons, LEDs, and servos in your Arduino project, this train crossing (also called a level crossing) project could be adapted to model train sets with very little work. In […]

Arduino Traffic Light Project

One of the very first projects almost all people do when they get an Arduino is to make the traffic light project. It’s an incredibly simple project but it teaches you some of the most relevant fundamentals of the Arduino.  We’re going to make the Arduino traffic light project in this tutorial, step by step […]