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Answering your Questions – Pub Talk 04

Welcome to the latest Pub Talk, episode 4! In this Pub Talk I answer your questions and give a general update on things going on around The Geek Pub! Enjoy! Watch Pub Talk Episode 4 Items featured in this video: QuadHands Third Hand: http://amzn.to/2ewd4i1 QuadHands Bas: http://amzn.to/2eqWpc5 QuadHands Work Bench: http://amzn.to/2wYmJpj LattePanda Capacitive Touchscreen: http://amzn.to/2wqVL8h LattePanda 7″ IPS Display: http://amzn.to/2er6NR9 […]

X-Carve Upgrade HONEST Review

The team over at Inventables contacted me and said “Hey! We’d like to send you the latest version of the X-Carve with all of the upgrades including the X-Controller; and the only thing we’d ask in return is that you give it an honest review.” So this is my honest review. Watch the X-Carve Upgrade […]

Is CNC Woodworking REAL Woodworking?

CNC routers have become more available and more affordable over the past few years. This has led to a lot of debate about whether the use of a CNC router is real woodworking, or if the use of a CNC router is somehow different or less worthy of the “Real Woodworking” title. To even begin […]

CNC Fail. Am I anti-CNC?

It’s always funny to me how its not the things that I say, but the things that I don’t say that get attributed to me.  In a recent project that got nicknamed “Man vs. CNC” by the YouTube commenters, I did a project that was supposed to show the difference between making something with handheld […]

Pub Talk 02: CNC Fail Follow-Up and Updates

Pub Talk 02: CNC Fail Follow-Up In this latest Pub Talk, we discuss the happening of the most recent video featuring the Making of a Party Serving Tray.  Needless to say the CNC version was a big fail.  Let’s discuss that a little more and give some other shop updates! You can also read more […]

Make a Party Serving Tray: Hand Tools vs. CNC

I get a lot of comments in my YouTube and blog that I can make anything because I use a CNC machine. Everything from “CNC is cheating” or “CNC isn’t real woodworking” to “making that by hand too hard for you?” or “those who can hand tool, those who can’t CNC.” Seriously. I’ve gotten it […]

Upgrading the X-Carve to the DeWalt 611 (DWP611)

The X-Carve by Inventables is pretty nice machine to have around the shop.  CNC is rapidly changing the face of the woodworking hobby and the maker communities has a whole.  The possibilities with these machines are almost endless, as being able to cut very precise computer controlled parts for inlays, replacements components, etc is a […]

Weekly Maker Digest 7

Weekly Maker Digest #7 This week’s Weekly Maker Digest is all about awesome longboards,  super cool key lockets, sweet Halloween decor, and a fantastic if not controversial outdoor cabinet bar!  So grab a cold one and follow along! I Like to Make Stuff’s Awesome Longboard Bob Clagget put together an awesome project this go around!  He […]

Weekly Maker Digest 6

Weekly Maker Digest #6 This week’s Weekly Maker Digest is all about a cool Zebrawood skateboard, mad scientist baby buggies, a custom queen headboard, and 3D printed knob for your X-Carve z-axis spindle that simply rocks!  So grab a cold one and follow along! Jon Peters’ Awesome BEME Skateboard Jon Peters’ took a regular old plain […]

BLOG: Shop Updates & X-Carve Depth Issues Fix

Man I have had a busy week!  I didn’t get near as much done as I would like to have gotten done.  I didn’t get near as much time in the shop this week as I had hoped for either.  Between the holiday weekend and family time, things just didn’t work out for a productive […]