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Weekly Maker Digest #7

This week’s Weekly Maker Digest is all about awesome longboards,  super cool key lockets, sweet Halloween decor, and a fantastic if not controversial outdoor cabinet bar!  So grab a cold one and follow along!

I Like to Make Stuff’s Awesome Longboard

Bob Clagget put together an awesome project this go around!  He built a long board for his wife from plies using a vacuum forming bag and some foam he shaped on the X-Carve.  Awesome project!  A long board for my son is on my long list of projects to do also!  Great job Bob!  Check out his website article here: Make a Longboard with a Vacuum Bag

Make/DiResta’s Locket Star Key

I swear Jimmy Diresta can make anything.  If you’re not following him on YouTube you need to be doing so!  This week he put together a locket made out of three keys that just looks incredible.  You’re going to love this one!  Be sure to check out the article over at the MAKE website: 3-Key Locket

CMR Woodworks’ Pumpkin Door Hanger

Chris McDowell is a cool guy! But this weeks project was done by his wife!  She puts together and paints the coolest pumpkin door hanger this week!  I keep saying we need more females in the woodworking & making hobbies!  Let’s see more of this!  A Mrs CMR channel in the future perhaps? Check out his website here: CMR Woodworks

Jon Peters’ Sweet Outdoor Cabinet/Bar

Jon took a lot of slack from people this week over his latest project.  He made a sweet as can be outdoor cabinet/bar for his deck.  He made the face frame for this project from scrap purple heart and the audience screamed!  Find out why and weigh in to let Jon know what you think!  Check out his website article here: Outdoor Cabinet Bar

About The Geek Pub’s Weekly Maker Digest

I follow a lot of Makers around the web, and I subscribe to a lot of Maker Channels on YouTube.  Each week I pick my favorite projects from around the Maker Community and post them here (and on The GeekPub Facebook page).  I look for unique and interesting projects, as well projects that require fine craftsmanship, or a specific skill to accomplish.  These makers put a lot of effort into their videos.  So if you like their work, please consider subscribing to their channel!

Suggest a Project to be Featured

I can’t watch every single video on YouTube or follow every single maker’s website.  So if you have a project that you’d like to be seen here (whether you found it or made it), drop me a line at mike (at) thegeekpub.com so I don’t miss it!

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