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Adding Wi-Fi at the Boat Dock

Wi-Fi at the Boat Dock

My wife bought this cool house on the lake. And we really love it. But it has one problem that drives us nuts: The cell phone coverage in the area is terrible! When we’re in the backyard, or on our dock there is generally no cell phone coverage and therefore no data. Now I get […]

Replicating a Synology to my Brother’s House

Replicating a Synology

I back up a lot of my smaller items to an AWS S3 bucket. Unfortunately, AWS can be a super expensive proposition for large amounts of data. I have over 26 terabytes of media on my NAS, a combination of my PLEX library, family photos and videos, Geek Pub archival footage, and other random things.  […]

Block .DS_Store Files on a Synology NAS

Block .DS_Store Files on a Synology NAS

If you’re like most system administrators who have a mixed Windows, Linux, and Mac environment it probably drives you mad (and your users too) that there are these “.DS_Store” files all over your network shares. These files are used by MacOS to store custom attributes about a folder layout. Such as sort order, position and […]

The Best NAS for Home Users

When most people think of storing their files these days they generally think of the cloud. To be honest there are a fair bit of reason to choose the cloud for your file storage and most of them make a lot of sense. The cloud won’t burn down and take all of your precious photos […]

About my Synology RS2416+ and a review!

Since my home network tour a lot (and I do mean a lot) of you have asked for more details on certain parts of my home network. The most asked question is of course why I chose a Core i7 over a XEON. Followed right behind that was to ask why I chose the Synology […]

Tour of My Home Network (and More!)

So I have had a ton of requests over the years to give a tour of my home network. Honestly, I never gave the tour because I just didn’t think people would be that interested in what I had. Well I have had enough requests to get the idea that some of you really do […]

Review of the Synology NVR216

Surveillance systems are something that used to be considered a nice-to-have. With today’s crime rates, and lawsuit happy customers it just makes sense to have something like the Synology NVR216 in your personal or small business arsenal. There are many surveillance systems on the market, and let me tell you, there are some real turds […]