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Why I Use Filler Primer

Filler Primer is one of those things that once you learn about it you’ll wonder why you never used it before! Filler primer is a thicker primer that fills in scratches and uneven surfaces before painting. It’s perfect for places like the cut edges of MDF and plywood.  Once filled and sanded it will be just as smooth as the rest of the surface.

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If you’ve ever cut MDF you know the cut section is always fuzzy and a huge pain to sand flat. Just use some filler primer and your good to go!

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5 Responses

  1. My secret with mdf edges is epoxy laminating resin. I brush it on and let it cure over night. Knock it smooth with 220g then prime. Works like a champ for exposed cut edges.

  2. Is there a brush on version of the filler primer? I need to fill some cat scratches on my door frames before repainting. The scratches are too shallow to fill with putty.

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