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Arduino: Blinking an LED

Arduino Blinking and LED

After my last video introducing the Arduino, some of you commented that you needed an example of how the Arduino works that is super simple to understand. So in this video we’re going to do the absolute simplest of projects. We’re going to be blinking an LED! Arduino: Blinking an LED Video We’ve made detailed […]

Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor Tutorial

The ultrasonic sensor is one of the most common sensors used in Arduino projects. It’s one of those must have sensors for many projects that require inputs for navigation. For example, an Arduino RC car or other robot will likely need an ultrasonic sensor to measure how close it is to a wall or other […]

How to use the Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is a little known tool that has awesome benefits!  I’m often surprised at how many people don’t know it exists.  When I show it to people they are often either amazed, or they say something along the lines of “I’ve been doing that on the Mac for years!  I didn’t know it […]

How to Reset Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Edge is a relatively new browser in the market.  Microsoft has a ways to go to get some of the bugs fixed and features on parity with other browsers.  It might not be too long before you start experiences crashes, slowness, or general unresponsiveness with Edge.  It’s also not immune for adware or malware.  This […]

How to use a Tape Measure (The Right Way)

A tape measure is one of the most important tools a shop can have. It’s also one that surprisingly enough gets the least attention when it comes to learning and skill building. OK, but which tape measure do I need? An accurate tape measure is of course the most important kind of tape measure to […]

How to use an Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander is a staple of every shop, or if it is not, it should be!  This is a very versatile tool for getting an incredibly smooth and scratch free finish onto your projects, whether woodworking, plastic working, or metal working.  There’s quite the diversity of applications for this tool! There was a […]

How to make an Arcade Machine: Part 3

The artwork that you use on your cabinet is what really sets it off.  And the choices are almost endless. You can pick from old school retro arcade game graphics, to modern PC and console games artwork.  I’ve seen numerous arcade cabinets with Halo, Destiny, and other XBOX game artwork on the sides.One thing that almost […]

How to Make a Silverware Organizer

How to make a Silverware Organizer A silverware storage organizer is one of the most handy items you can have for your kitchen drawers.  Without a silverware organizer all of your utensils will wind up mixed together and all through your kitchen drawers.  This is a mess and makes getting ready for dinner a pain […]

How to make Plantation Shutters

Making plantation shutters at home is a fun and affordable way to get a great quality window covering for your home without breaking the bank.  Plantation shutters can be very expensive to buy online or locally at big box home improvement center.  To avoid this cost and to have that feeling of personal satisfaction I […]

How to make a Potato Battery

making a potato battery

Making a potato battery is a great learning exercise that everyone getting into electronics should investigate! A potato battery is one of the first science experiments most school children do. It’s a great way to explain how batteries work and how the fundamentals of batteries and electrolytes work with electrodes in the creation of electricity. […]