The Best Tabletop Arcade Cabinet Plans. PERIOD.

The new 4.0 PLATINUM EDITION of these plans are the best plans yet!  We continuously update these plans to make sure they are the best on the Internet. Plan include both Inches and Millimeters to support tabletop arcade builders worldwide!

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Layouts and Cutting Guides

Easy to follow cutting guides to help you make quick work of the panels and components.

Tutorial Videos

Watch our step-by-step assembly videos, with helpful tips and tricks for each section of the project. We make it easy!

Drilling Templates

A full set of printable "glue & stick" templates are included to make building your arcade super simple!

Unique Features

Our tabletop arcade plans provide many unique features over the so called "free" plans you'll find all over the internet. With our plans you get options for customizing the tabletop arcade cabinet to your preferences. Multiple templates let you really make it your own!

Make it Your Own

Choose from multiple templates.

Amazing Artwork

Access to amazing artwork from multiple sources.

Parts Lists

We provide a complete list of component options and where to buy them.

USB Ports

Add USB ports to support Nintendo and other console controllers with your arcade!

Cooling Fan

Optional exhaust fan to keep your arcade running cool!


Option to use T-Molding for that awesome retro style.

CAD/Sketchup Files Included

We include the complete SketchUp file that you can use the re-size tool within SketchUp to easily, resize, remove, make modifications to any section of the cabinet.  The sky is the limit. Unleash your creativity!

Global Plans

Our plans come in both Imperial (inches) and Metric (millimeters) versions so that arcade builders worldwide can enjoy building their tabletop arcade cabinet without the struggles of doing conversions. All of the components in our parts list are available in in either 120v or 220v to suit your local power availability.

Everything You Need


Tutorial Videos

Printable Templates

Customization Options

Access to Lifetime Updates

Email Support

Wiring Diagrams


Sketchup Files Included

Complete Parts Lists

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Get ready to have such an awesome time replaying all of your favorite arcade games from the past and reminiscing old times with friends! Having your own tabletop arcade in your game room, bar, or dorm room will make everyone think you are awesome! So let's do this!