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CO2 Cartridge Rifle Plans


These plans detail how to make and assemble the CO2 cartridge rifle.

Includes parts list, dimensions, and step-by-step instructions along with helpful hints and tips.

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Ever wondered what to do with all of those leftover CO2 cartridges from your BB gun?  Well now you know!  Turn them into ammunition and blow holes in the side of things using the CO2 Cartridge Rifle Plans!  If you haven’t seen the devastation and havoc that this can wreak than you need to check out our CO2 Cartridge Rifle project.  Yes this is what you do with leftover CO2 cartridges!!

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If you’re like me you can spend hours shooting your BB Gun in the back yard only to have a pile of empty CO2 cartridges with nothing to do with them.  Well with these CO2 Cartridge Rifle Plans you can turn all of those empty CO2 cartridges into ammo!

The CO2 Cartridge Rifle is capable of blowing holes through plywood, fences, junk cars, or and even cinder block walls.  It’s awesome to behold its power! In addition, the rifle is also designed to have replaceable barrels.  It can be adapted to shoot cardboard rockets, potatoes, paintballs, and other projectiles.

The only tool you’ll need for these CO2 Cartridge Rifle Plans is a a screwdriver and a saw (be careful when using power tools or circular saws to cut PVC). A hot glue gun and soldering iron can be used to make a more reliable gun, but aren’t strictly necessary.

Warning: This project should not be built or operated without adult supervision.  Be sure to check local laws to make sure owning or operating this device is legal.


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