Throwing Star Templates


These downloadable PDF templates that you can use to make your own throwing star.  Includes JPG and SketchUp files.



Everyone I know grew up watching Ninja movies.  And one of the best things about Ninjas is the Throwing Star or as I like to call them, Ninja Stars!!

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Here at The Geek Pub shop we took an ordinary saw blade and with very little effort turned it into a throwing star!  Now you can download the template here and create your very own too!

Download the throwing start template and print it out on your printer.  Then just glue or tape it to an old saw blade (any piece of 1/8″ hardened steel) and cut it out using any variety of tools (hacksaw, jigsaw, or cutting wheel).  Then polish it till it shines, or paint it black for an dark Ninja feel!

If you want to change or modify the design of the throwing star template, just install the free version of SketchUp Make and use the re-size tool to easily make it larger or smaller!

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