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How Retrobright Works!

Retrobighting (stylized Retr0bright) is a way of restoring aged plastics from the 1980s to their original color and/or appearance. Plastics from the early days of computing were all made from ABS plastic. ABS was specifically invented for the injection molding process. During this area it was typical for the ABS to be “brominated” with bromine.  […]

Commodore VIC-20 Restoration – Worst Condition Ever

Commodore VIC-20 Restoration

Rob the Obsolete Geek was traveling in Texas to a place called Canton, TX.  Canton is well known for their flea market and swap meets. During this visit Rob found something of an oddity.  A Commodore VIC-20 that was so utterly disgusting that he was compelled to purchase it, just to see if it was […]