Welcome to the second of our regular Premium video series where I will be giving unscripted updates on what’s going on around The Geek Pub.

In this video, we answer questions submitted by fans!


00:00 – Welcome
00:59 – Why no cross braces on the electronics workbench?
02:27 – Lighting in the new electronics room
03:17 – 50K in tools to build a 300 workbench
04:57 – pound vs hashtag
05:23 – Safety Police
07:15 – Messy cabling
09:37 – Heat in the server room
10:50 – Why not host your own website out of the new studio?
13:28 – Are you going to paint the ugly brown walls
13:55 – Why doesn’t your brother share the studio with you?
17:22 – What happened to the beer logo you had for so long?
25:15 – Update on the Podcast!