If you recently got into GPU mining Ethereum or some other cryptocurrency, then you probably wondered why all these hardcore miners were using riser cards! The answer of course is three fold. They need to 1) fit more GPUs on a single motherboard, 2) get them further apart for cooling, and 3) convert 16X cards to work in 1X slots. Once that’s been established what follows next is usually this question…  What are the best PCIe riser cards? So in this post I will cover the top PCIe riser cards along with my pro’s and con’s for each one!

The Top PCIe Riser Cards

Many companies are getting into the process of manufacturing PCIe risers with mining becoming such a booming business. When this happens there is a race to the bottom on price. Some of these PCIe risers are absolute crap with very high failure rates and low comparability with some GPUs. Mining in general has led many down the path of spending the absolute least amount on components. This makes a lot of sense on some of the components.  No reason to buy a $300 Intel Core i7 when a $35 Celeron will mine with the exact same performance.

However, when buying some of the mining specific hardware such as risers or the GPU itself, it is best to get high quality components that will list. Looking for the best PCIe riser cards makes a lot of sense!  So let’s list them off.

#1 – The VICTONY PCIe Risers

First on my list of the best PCIe riser cards is the VICTONY PCIe risers. VICTONY got a bad rap when they first released these cards because they had a high failure rate. However, they quickly corrected the problems with a second generation of risers fixing the issues. The new VICTONY PCIe risers have a very high reliability and should easily last the life of your rig.

The parts included in this riser kit are top notch quality, even the USB cables. Get them here!

  • High reliability
  • High quality capacitors
  • No drivers needed
  • High quality USB 3.0 cables
  • Includes SATA power adapter
  • Foam backing to prevent shorts

#2 – The Mailiya PCIe Risers

The Mailiya PCIe risers are the second on my list. Probably my favorite thing about these PCIe risers is that everything on the board is gold plated, even the USB connectors! Like the others they also include a foam backing to prevent the riser from shorting out.

About the only negative to the Mailiya PCIe risers is the fact that their USB cable is very short in comparison to some of the other brands. They also sell at a slightly higher price point. Get them here!

  • Gold plated contacts
  • High quality capacitors
  • High quality USB 3.0 cables
  • Includes SATA power adapter
  • Foam insulated backing

#3 – The Ubit PCIe Risers

The Ubit PCIe risers land at number 3 on my list of the best PCIe riser cards for mining.  Number three is not a bad place to be and these Ubit risers do have some pretty compelling features.

One super neat feature of these Ubit PCIe risers is that they offer three power ports giving you more easy to use options for powering them.  They include the standard Molex 4-pin, a SATA port, and a PCIe 6-pin port.  This is a feature I really with the rest of the cards on this list would offer.  Instead, most others come with adapter cables (see our note below on using power adapters).

The only reason these cards aren’t #1 on our list is because out of 4 orders (six on each order), at least one card was dead on arrival, requiring us to return them to Amazon for a replacement. Get them here!

  • Lower quality components
  • SATA, 4-pin Molex, and 6-pin PCIe power options
  • Includes USB cables

Some Notes on PCIe Risers for Mining

There are some things you should be aware of when selecting and using PCIe risers (for mining or other tasks).

Not actually USB

Many people mistakenly believe that these riser cards are actually converting the PCIe signal to the USB protocol. This is actually not the case. These risers are just using the USB form factor and transmitting PCIe signals over the cables.  Plugging these cards into an existing USB port on your PC will not work, and may damage the riser and/or your computer’s USB bus.  Do not plug risers into your USB ports!  Only plug risers into the PCIe adapter that came with it.

Avoid using the Power Adapters

I highly recommend that you avoid using power adapter cables. These things are notorious for being cheaply made and have been known to  start fires. While I believe the ones that come with the kits above are of better quality, it still makes sense to avoid their use if at all possible. I recommend getting a power supply that is modular. This will allow you to use the correct power cable from the beginning and avoid adapters completely.

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  1. K. Hud.

    Thank you for this! I looked all over the web before I found your awesome website. So glad to learn about this place!

  2. Slasher Mine

    I prefer your third choice. The Ubit risers are the best for me because they have three different power options. I can attest to a somewhat higher failure rate, but they seem to be dead on arrival. If they work, they seem to work forever.

  3. Vishnu

    so instead of power adapter cables bundled with the risers , what should we use ?
    and if you dont want us to use usb cables , why are they even provided ?
    does these risers required additional external power too ?


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