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UART Communications Basics

In this tutorial let’s talk about UART communications basics! A UART (short for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) is an electronic component that you’ll find in all sorts of electronics. UARTs have been around since the early days of PCs and were mostly associated with MODEMs of the time because a high quality MODEM would of course […]

How I2C Works (I2C Explained Simply)

I2C is an extremely common protocol integrated into many products. It allows serial communications between many devices over just two wires. In this tutorial we will cover how I2C works and show some real world examples. If you plan on linking multiple Arduinos or connecting an Arduino to a Raspberry Pi, its an incredibly useful […]

Raspberry Pi to Arduino I2C Communication

If you’ve been doing Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects you’ve likely encountered the term I2C being tossed around, or at least seen the I2C pins on the devices and wondered what they do.  Put simply, I2C is a point to multi-point serial communications bus for both on-board and off-board devices.  I2C can operate at up […]