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How to block all Remote Controls in OS X

Sometimes when you are around many Mac users and everyone has a remote, say during presentations it can be annoying to have others remote controls messing with your Mac.  Or in the case of a kiosk computer, you don’t ever want a remote control to function. To disable or block all remote controls from accessing […]

What is hidd? Why is it running?

Are you looking in you Macintosh OS X Activity Monitor?  Do you see a process called hidd?  What is it?  Why is it consuming cpu and memory? Human Interface Device Daemon The hidd service is the Human Interface DeviceDaemon.  In fact, the hidd service is required for your Mac to operate properly as it is […]

How to create a Sparsebundle on OS X

A sparsebundle is a really nice feature under OS X that allows you to create a file to send your time machine backups to.  There’s a whole lot of good reasons to create one and we’re going to walk you through it! What is a Sparsebudle? So what is a sparsebundle anyway?  A sparsebundle is […]