Are you looking in you Macintosh OS X Activity Monitor?  Do you see a process called hidd?  What is it?  Why is it consuming cpu and memory?

Human Interface Device Daemon

HIDD Human Device InterfaceThe hidd service is the Human Interface DeviceDaemon.  In fact, the hidd service is required for your Mac to operate properly as it is responsible for the operation of any human input devices, such as your mouse (or trackpad on a MacBook) or keyboard!

It is a very important process.  If you are experiencing high CPU or memory utilization from hidd, you may want to restart your computer.

Note: If the hidd process is killed, it will restart immediately.

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  1. James Clint

    I’ve been wondering what the hidd service was. It always seems to be eating a lot of CPU on my Mac. I tried killing it, but as you explained it just restarts and comes right back.

    Thanks for the good info!

  2. Dick Metselaar

    This hidd proces seems to prevent my Mac to go in hibernate-mode. Since about a week or twee my Mac doesn’t go into Hibernate-mode anymore only my screensaver functions.
    How can i repair this?


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