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Water Balloon Cannon Plans


These plans detail how to make and assemble the water balloon cannon.

Includes parts list, dimensions, and step-by-step instructions along with helpful hints and tips.

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These are the plans for The Geek Pub’s Water Balloon Cannon  project (also called the Water Balloon Mortar)!  Grab these plans and some PVC pipe and build your water balloon cannon today!

Have you ever wanted to blast your frenemies with cold water balloons in the middle of summer? Well now you can! These water balloon cannon plans will show you how to put together a totally rad summer toy that will be fun for all your friends and family!

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These are complete plans with step by step instructions, dimensions, and wiring diagrams (see sample pages in the product images).

All you’ll the tools you’ll need for assembly from the water balloon cannon plans is a screwdriver and a saw (be careful with power tools).

If you’re looking to launch water balloons in the summer for some good H2O warfare, or just looking for a way to get your enemy back then this is what you need!  You can also adapt this cannon to use paint balls, or other ammo by changing he size of the barrel.  Many of our customers use this project as a paintball mortar to launch hundreds of paint balls in one shot!  It also makes a great potato launcher!

These water balloon cannon plans are tested only up to around 100 PSI.  Don’t use higher pressures unless every component in your build is rated for higher pressure.  Don’t use schedule 20 PVC when making this!  Use only Schedule 40 PVC or better!

Warning: This project can be dangerous and should only be made and operated with adult supervision.

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