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Make an Arduino TV B-Gone

In this tutorial we’re going to make an Arduino TV B-Gone and its super simple. If you’re not familiar with a TV B-Gone, it’s a device that uses a small micro-controller to send the IR off codes for every TV make and model on the planet. This is a super handy little device to have […]

Setup an IR Remote for an Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to setup an IR remote for an Arduino. IR remotes can be used in your projects for all kinds of things. You can use an IR remote to turn on and off a device, LED, relay, or even use it to steer an Arduino robot or automated vehicle. […]

How to Setup a Keypad on an Arduino

In this basic tutorial we will learn how to setup a keypad on an Arduino. Keypads can be used to control access to things, such as unlocking a door or a safe. Keypads can be added to a myriad of Arduino projects, for learning, or for real world projects. In addition to controlling access to […]