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Raspberry Pi NOIR vs Normal Camera

You most likely found this article because your trying to understand the difference between the Raspberry Pi NOIR vs Normal Camera that you see on various sites and Amazon. The cameras are indeed very similar, but they are designed for different purposes. If your new Raspberry Pi‘s, or just want a simple parts list we’ve provided […]

Boot a Raspberry Pi from USB

Have you ever wanted to boot a Raspberry Pi from USB?  Well so have we and we learned how in order to teach you.  In this quick tutorial we’ll walk through installing your favorite Raspberry Pi operating system on a USB stick and preparing your Pi to boot from it.  We will activate USB boot […]

Controlling WS2812b LEDs with a Raspberry Pi

In our last article we discussed how to wire WS2812b addressable LEDs to a Raspberry Pi.  Of course, just wiring them up doesn’t really do much.  Not even a single LED on a WS2812b strip will light until you send it a command to do so.  So in this article we will continue on with […]

Wiring WS2812b Addressable LEDs to the Raspbery Pi

I don’t know where I have been recently, but I stumbled across one of the greatest inventions of all time recently: Addressable LED strips.  Addressable LED strips, sometimes known as NeoPixels, or by various numbers such as WS2812b LED strips are LED lighting strips where each individual LED can be controlled via a specialized lighting […]