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Drilling your Arcade Speakers, the Right Way

All of The Geek Pub plans coming with drilling templates. These templates make it super easy to drill out the holes for many of the components. In this case, the speaker holes.  However, there are some tips and tricks that will make you drilling job go from average to looking like it came off of […]

Backboring Arcade Controls

When using smaller 24mm arcade buttons, it can be an exercise in frustration when using 3/4″ material.  The material of choice for most arcade cabinets. The problem is that the 24mm buttons are just not quite long enough to allow the bottom nut to screw on in some of these cases.  There’s good news though. […]

pfSense Rules not Working?

pfSense has to be the greatest thing to ever happen to the open source firewall movement. It’s a one of those open source products that’s truly a game changer. It runs on just about any hardware, whether it be a PC or an old XBOX. Companies have even built custom designed hardware around pfSense with […]