Welcome to the Arcade FAQ section! In this section I will try to answer as many questions as I can that are frequently asked about building my arcades.

I sent you a question, why didn’t you answer it?

There are numerous reasons.  First and foremost I get hundreds of emails a week. It is basically impossible for me to answer all of them. Second, almost every single question I get asked is covered somewhere on this website, the guild section videos, or the plan files. Third, I prioritize paying customers to the very top (Premium Members, or Plan Purchases), which is why I ask for the order number on the support form. If you didn’t include an order number, resubmit your question with the order number attached.  Finally, I can’t possibly know everything about Retropie, Raspbian, Windows, or Linux. If you are looking for support for those platforms, the best place to go is the support forums for those products. I’ll certainly try to help whenever I can!

On another note, I make a lot of specialized videos and articles that cover a lot of questions on building arcades. These videos are available to Premium Members. Consider joining Premium.  Guild members can also download all of my plan files for free, so it makes a lot sense to be a member if you’re going to build any of my arcades.

What is the size of the arc on one of your arcade plans?

I get asked this constantly, even though its mentioned numerous times on the site, YouTube, and elsewhere. Let me be snarky for a minute. If I said it was 12″ for example what would you do? The compass you made from scraps or two nails used with a piece of string does not have measurement marks on it. There is no way to “set it”. Frankly, that’s just not how compasses work.  I demonstrate how to set it in the Bartop Arcade video. Here’s another good video on understanding compasses at YouTube. With a little practice you’ll be a pro in no time!

What is the angle of some component of your arcade?

I try to include most of them, but the truth is you don’t need to know the angles and shouldn’t be trying to calculate them. It’s inefficient and will never be as accurate as doing it the right way.  See my Tablet Arcade video to do it the right way. You’ll be glad you did!

What size router bit did I need for the T-Molding?

No idea! No seriously, the router bit you use will be specified by the t-molding that you buy. Check the manufacturers recommendations. In my arcades I have used a variety of t-molding. I’ve bought it from several places including Rockler, and Amazon. They range from 1/16″ wide to 1/8″ wide on the slot and 1/2″ to 3/4″ deep.  Again, check the manufactures recommendation and buy the bit accordingly.

The templates are printing too small!

You must use Adobe Reader to print the PDF files.  Select Poster mode at the print dialog.

Can I get a PDF, PhotoShop PSD, or JPG of the artwork you used?

I purchased most of my artwork from GameOnGraphix. They are copyrighted by them and I don’t have distribution rights.  Check with them for more information.

Can your arcade plans be resized for a smaller or larger monitor?

Sure. The SketchUp files are included in every set of plans if you really want to resize it. Honestly though, all you’ll really need to do is cut the front, back and top pieces smaller or larger by whatever amount your monitor is smaller or bigger.  For example, if your monitor is 20″ wide, you’d likely need to cut all the of the pieces (except the side panels) 1.5″ shorter.  Another option Is to make spacer blocks on each side of the monitor.

Will you create a custom set of plans to fit my components? I’ll pay you for your time!

No. It takes hours to days to make a set of plans. I just don’t have the time to do that and if I did it for a fee, I doubt you could afford my bill.

Can I put an XBOX or a PlayStation inside my arcade instead of a PC?

Well that depends. If you just want to play XBOX or PlayStation games, most definitely.  There are many adapters for plugging in the arcade controls to those systems available. You will not however be able to play MAME games, NES, Sega, etc on those platforms.

Where do I get the game ROMs?

Getting the ROMs is sort of a grey area. I will tell you that I own a legitimate original cartridge, CD, or license for every ROM on my personal arcades. Even that doesn’t necessarily make it legal, but I want to be as above board as I can be. With that said you have to make your own decisions.  Please read our article on downloading RetroPie ROMs. We cannot answer any questions about ROMs beyond what’s in that article and under no circumstances will The Geek Pub provide ROM files to anyone.

One of my game ROMs is not working! What’s wrong?

I suspect you have the wrong version of the ROM for the version of the emulator (ex. MAME) you are using. Make sure you get the right version of the ROM.  MAME has a whole article on Understanding MAME ROMs.

I’d like some more specific dimensions than what’s in the PDF?  Can you tell me how far apart these two components are or how deep this section is when completed?

Every download of the plans includes the SketchUp file.  Simply open it and use the ruler or the dimension tool.  You can get a copy of SketchUp Make from www.sketchup.com for free.

I bought the plans!  Where do I download them?

Click the download link in your receipt email, or go the orders section of your account page. You are entitled re-download them as many times as you like for life, and you’ll get all updates we make over time for free.