Do you have the “Check Blind Spot Monitor System” error showing on the dash of your Toyota or Lexus vehicle (such as the Toyota Tacoma, or Lexus RX350)?

Many new vehicles are coming equipped with a neat piece of technology called a Blind Spot Monitor or BSM. This system is designed to help drivers navigate more safely by alerting drives when a vehicle or other object is in their own vehicles “blind spot”. Many blind spot monitoring systems also have a feature called Rear Cross Traffic Alert which alerts you to a vehicle passing behind you in a parking lot. The blind spot monitor is not perfect, but it does make a big difference for most drivers. It is incredibly useful when changing lanes. Once you get used to having the system, you really miss it when driving a car that does not, or worse, when it stops working correctly!

Check Blind Spot Monitor System Error

Check Blind Spot Monitor System - 0001When and if the dreaded check blind spot monitor system error pops up on your dash it can be a really annoying thing. In many cases the error message will appear and even if you turn off the BSM manually the error will return the instant the system is turned back on.

Many users have reported that the BSM error message will go away for extended periods of time by stopping the vehicle and turning the ignition off for a few seconds and them back on. Others have reported that this makes no difference at all. Others have reported that once it starts happening, the error will go away for months at time after a “restart”, but eventually return permanently.

There are also reports that the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma’s and Lexus vehicles are shipping with driver’s side mirrors that contain a short in the BSM equipment, which causes this error.  If that is true, nothing but a dealer visit for some warranty work will be able to fix that problem.

Checking the Blind Spot Monitor Sensors

There is some good news for many owners who get the Check Blind Spot Monitor Systems error.  There are two BSM sensors on most Toyota vehicles. They are located on the inside left and right of the rear bumper. These sensors are prone to getting covered with dust and dirt (or mud). They can also get covered by spider webs, lawn debris, and other obstructions. If that happens the dreaded “Check Blind Sot Monitor System” error will occur.

In these cases, restoring the BSM to proper operation is as simple as cleaning any dirt or debris away from the sensors. Simply locate the sensors for your vehicle and clean any mud or other debris away from the area.  Proper operation should be restored after turning off the vehicle ignition for a few seconds and turning it back on to re-calibrate the sensors.

Location of the Blind Spot Monitor Sensors - 0001

Location of the Blind Spot Monitor Sensors on the 2016 Toyota Tacoma