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Toyota Transmission “Delayed-Engagement”

Is your Toyota vehicle experiencing delayed-engagement when shifting from Reverse to Drive?

After driving Toyota vehicles for over 11 years, starting with a 2005 Toyota Tacoma, followed by a 2010 Toyota Tundra, I have bragged over and over to my friends about how reliable vehicles they are. Not once did either of those vehicles enter the service facility, except for routine oil changes. This along with all of the fantastic features, of course made me a raving fan of Toyota products. After owning my 2010 Toyota Tundra for 7 years (purchased in early ’09), and really wanting some of the newer technology features (and better gas mileage) I decided to purchase a 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road with the Advanced Technology package. Let me tell you, crawl control is awesome!

Delayed-Engagement of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma Transmission

Well, I guess even the best of relationships are doomed to hit a snag every now and then. Toyota and I are now not on good terms. Within a few weeks of buying the truck, I started randomly having an issue that seems cold weather related. When shifting the vehicle from Reverse to Drive the transmissions seems to not always engage. After pressing the throttle and hitting somewhere around 1200 RPM the transmissions would slam into gear, jerking the vehicle.  It quite honestly feels like someone rear-ended you.  In fact that was my first reaction the first time I experienced it. I should have taken it to the dealership immediately, but after it warmed up outside after spring approached the problem mostly went away. It will happen maybe one out of 100 times in warm weather, and it never happens after the truck has been running for any length of time.

Tim Farrand Freeman Toyota Delayed Engagement - 0001Today I took the vehicle into Freeman Toyota‘s service department for its 5000 mile maintenance (tire rotation, brake inspection, etc). This was the perfect opportunity to see if I could get this problem fixed. I explained the issue to Tim Farrand, my Service Adviser. He immediately started in on a line about “I like to fix trucks, but if I can’t duplicate the problem we’re not going to be able to fix it.” The frustrated me somewhat because I knew that I couldn’t be the only one in the history of this drive-train to experience this problem.

After a little pressure on my part to look into it further, we walked into Tim’s office and looked on his computer for TSBs  (Technical Service Bulletins) from Toyota on this problem. We did find one that described my problem exactly, except for it was from shifting from Park to Drive.  Mine was shifting from Reverse to Drive. The TSB was called “Delayed-Engagement”, referring to the transmission. Tim swears its not my problem.  So that was that, Tim advised me to let it get worse and bring it back. That’s crap.

So while Tim was filling out the forms on the screen I googled “2016 Tacoma Delayed Engagement”. There are many, many results that come up with people complaining about my exact problem.  Shifting from Reverse to Drive the transmission does not engage until the engine revs passed a certain RPM and then engages abruptly, lunging the truck forward. I showed him the results and he looked at me with the oddest face and said “We don’t work off of Google, we only work off of TSBs.” Now I do get that sentiment, but exactly how does something ever become a TSB unless Toyota hears about it from multiple sources?  And he most certainly was not putting any notes in the computer to send to Toyota. In fact, I asked if he could make a note about it under my VIN or account and he said “We don’t even have a way to do that.”

Low Transmission Fluid on the Toyota Tacoma

A number of people in the forums and on Reddit expressed that this has been found to be caused by the Toyota Tacoma shipping from the factory a quart low on transmission fluid. It is possible this is the case, though many on the Taco forums have had their fluid checked and raised and claim that the problem persists.

I did ask Tim Farrand, my Freeman Toyota Service Adviser to check the fluid levels on my truck and flat out refused. He said the system is manufactured, filled and sealed at the factory (sealed system transmission) and that checking the fluid would “take too long” and “cost too much” to be worth it.

Tacoma Delayed-Engagement Fix

If you are experiencing transmission problems with your Toyota Tacoma (or other vehicle, as this transmission is shared across several product lines) leave a comment below. Someone also pointed out to me that it is possible it is a torque converter problem. I don’t think that is the case, because the impact is hard, not a soft impact when engagement of the transmission finally occurs. With modern vehicles and locking torque converters, I suppose anything is possible though.

If Toyota ever fixes this problem for me or posts a TSB about it, I will list it here.  I have sent an email to Toyota Customer Care, asking for them to look into this issue. Hopefully I will hear back soon.  With many, many people reporting this same problem, Toyota can not ignore this forever!

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of my truck the day I bought it.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Delayed Engagement Transmission - 0001
2016 Toyota Tacoma experiencing transmission delayed-engagement
2016 Toyota Tacoma Delayed Engagement Transmission - 0002
2016 Toyota Tacoma experiencing transmission delayed-engagement

UPDATE 8/11/2016: Toyota has issued T-SB-0077-16 which contains software update 89661-04K52 that updates the transmission to shift properly.  This update also claims to smooth the on-road shifting out.  I’m going to get this update as soon as possible and will update here again.

UPDATE 12/27/2016: It has been almost two months since I had the TSB done. It has only partially fixed the problem.  I have not had the delayed-engagement problem since the update.  However, the transmission now seems to clunk into first gear. When coming to a stop as the transmission downshifts it makes a loud clank as it goes from 2nd to 1st.  So disappointing.  It seems like Toyota had to make some solenoid fire harder to get it shift, resulting in harsh shifting all of the time.  They should be ashamed of this drive train.

UPDATE 1/2/2017: I took my 2016 Tacoma with the TSB in place on a road trip from Dallas, TX to Ruidoso, NM.  This trip was almost 600 miles each way. I honestly felt like the transmission hunted and pecked for gears the entire trip, something my previous Tacoma (2005 model, which did the same trip) did not do. This was especially awful in the mountains when the truck seemed like it couldn’t find a gear to stay in more than a few seconds at time.  It is of course normal to need to shift more in hilly terrain, but it seemed like the truck would shift to a higher gear only to realize it should have stayed and shift back to the lower gear after just 3 or 4 seconds. At one point, I actually put the truck in sport shifting mode to stop the upshift.  Using the ECT PWR mode did seem to help some.  This trip confirms to me that this engine/transmission combination belongs in a mini-van, not a truck.

UPDATE 4/10/2017: I took my 2016 Taco in for service at the 15K mark this morning, and complained about the transmission clunking into first gear and the constant hunting for gears at highway speeds.  As I expected they claim the truck is operating as designed.  This is my 4th Toyota vehicle over 15 years.  After this experience it will be my last.

UPDATE 6/9/2018: After two years of driving this miserable truck I traded it in over the weekend on a new Ford F-150.  This not only ends my run as a Tacoma owner, but also as a Toyota owner.  I will not purchase anymore of their products…. EVER.

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169 Responses

  1. I had similar problems going from reverse to drive with a cold engine. Additionally, with a hot engine while coasting around 20 mph in stop & go freeway traffic, I went to accelerate and the transmission waited at least a full second before engaging, causing me to lurch forward when it finally kicked into the drive mode. I took it to Toyota of Orange (Calif), they recreated the issue (uni if it was both issues). After conferring with Toyota Corporate, they have chosen to replace my transmission (2016 V6 Tacoma 2WD TRD Sport with 3900 miles). I should get it back today. They said they will ship the malfunctioning transmission to Toyota for follow up examination. I am hoping with fingers crossed that the replacement transmission will properly function.

    1. Dot, thanks so much for this comment! Your dealer was obviously far more concerned about solving the problem than my dealership was! That’s customer service right there!

      1. So 2016/17 V6 Toyota Truck V6 owners. I PURCHASED my
        2017 Tacoma V6 full Double Cab w/ Tow Pkg. I’ve been experiencing the same transmission issues. Mostly with the shifting from one gear to the other! The lag feeling or truck unsure when it needs to shift. I took this in back to my dealer Phillips Toyota in Leesburg FL. These guys were incredibly honest from the get go. Never once made excuses. Took my truck in immediately, offered a loaner. The TSB had already been updated at the factory. It did not fix the problem! On top of that it was short 1/2 qrt of transmission fluid. I heard people having their transmission fluid as low as 1 1/2 qrt low. Matter of fact most people are reporting low transmission fluid issues. On top of that when checking the transmission issue they found another problem, a coolant system sensor was leaking, which they had to replace! Then on top of that another piece (unknown part) was broken. Problems with front end howling sounds. My dealer service manager knew exactly what the problem was and the fix for it. Actually he stated that other Tacoma owners come in with said issue. He found the problem and designed the fix. He then made calls to proper channels at Toyota manufacturing and from his input they designed plugs to fix issue. No more problems. The story even gets more interesting…. I took it in for its first 5k maintenance and checkup. I told them I starting hearing a howling noise from the right rear end side of truck. They called me back and stated the “whole rear end” had to be replaced. Yep axle and all, the whole nine yards! I’m like seriously!
        Now I’ve purchased 6 Toyota over the eleven yrs. All from the same dealership and sales person.
        2- Tacomas 4 cylinder New 1-RAV4 limited addition New, 1- used Yarus, 1-used Camrey, Not one of which had any major repairs, just maintenance, oil changes and such. Plus my New 2017 V6 Full double cab with tow package ( only 2 miles on it) !
        Now since last November 2016 I’ve experienced all the those above problems with my “New” Truck. So much for the New Vehicle Honeymoon? Right.
        Well now waiting for the repairs with a loaner they supplied. I’ve called Toyota Manufacturing and made an official complaint about my new truck so in the future everything is in their “file”.
        Oh well that’s my Toyota Tacoma 2017 purchase story. Hopefully Toyota will get these inconsistency problems fixed.
        Thanks for reading my LONG STORY!


      2. Mike, I have a 17 Tacoma TRD pro and had (and have) all the same problems with the truck you described, delayed shift, BSM problems and still, shifting “hunting for gears” still not fixed other than that, I love my truck, It sucks the service adviser treated you like that, they are not the technicians, they are to simply write down the customers concern and let the tech figure it out. sorry to hear you let your truck go and I just wanted you to know you’re not the only one having these problems (which I’m sure you already know.)

      3. I purchased a 2017 Tacoma in morning start up when driving,and coming to a stop transmission slips in the automatic downshift.after40 miles it stops.took it too Claremont Toyota and called Toyota help line both said that slippage was normal for the Tacomas and could not fix it. dont know.what to do now. But it slips with a thump,everyday.I will never buy a Toyota again they dont stand by there product’s.

    2. I am experiencing the same issues I like in Oregon where we have all the season I also live in the hills off road and most of the time park on undeveloped ground. So I am wondering to what the issue could be. It happens only so few times but I know what you are talking about please more people help fix this issue.

      1. Yes I have transmission trouble. when at first start up .till driven about,50 miles.when first cold start up,when stopping auto downshift slips and slams at a thud.dealer claremont toyota stated thats” thats the way 2017 Tacoma.runs.

    3. New to your website and not sure I.m doing this right.Anyways……
      2016 Tacoma just hit 10,000 miles, doing same thing I think. Just started it up, put it into Drive…wouldn’t move…put it into Reverse..wouldn’t move. I thought something was stuck under the wheels. Shut it off and restarted it and it worked.
      Very worried after reading the other comments…
      Thanks for this forum.

    4. I had to Lemon Law mine in a fight with them as we speak. My transmission is horriable. I want my money back so I can just walk away it’s not fun to drive and hate this truck.

      1. I am all the same issues. I refuse to drive the truck. It is the most frustrating pathetic weak truck I have ever owned. My kids 2004 Ford Ranger is fun to drive and would crush this truck. We all need to come together and all dump our Trucks simultaneously on our dealerships, over whelm Toyota, get it on the news and demand a proper fix, regardless. Toyota will be crushed for $%^&*&^ us.

    5. I have a 2017 Tacoma SR5 double cab with same type of problems they did the update with no success. I took it back to my local Toyota Dealership and they just called me an hour ago to advise me they going to replace my transmission. I hope this help others with similar problems.

    6. I am the owner of 2010 4 runner and am having the same problem. Took it for service today they said it needed computer updates so we will see if that helps

      1. I have a 2010 4Runner Trail. I’ve noticed a clunking before that seemed to happen occasionally after a stop light/sign. It felt like it was coming from the rear diff. Tonight for the first time, MAJOR delay from reverse to drive and feeling less power over all. Scary as I have two babies, no extra money and at 125,000 miles, no warranty.

    7. I am having the same issues with my transmission. When I slow down then go to accelerate it slams into gear. Seems to do it more when cold. Took it to dealer once and they could not re create the problem.
      Also, My driveway has a slight slope. I need to back out when I leave. I will slow down to look when I get to the top.
      The transmission has come completely disengaged when I stop to look. It will slam into gear when I press the gas to go.

      1. Thanks for your comments. The more people post their disappointments with the new engine trans combo, the more likely Toyota is to do something. My 2016 Tacoma is such a disappointment, the real troubles are towing a small 2,000 lb. trailer. I get 12MPG and the engine revs to 4,700 RPM on moderate hills. Toyota says they make NO CLAIMS as to the performance while pulling a trailer. Hello Ford Ranger.

    8. I have 2017 Tacoma, with 10,000 miles and the transmission feels like it’s slipping. It hesitates.. also there’s a vibration in my steering when the truck is in a hard pull up a hill. This is my third Tacoma, this is the worst.

    9. I have a 2016 Tacoma SR5 four wheel drive with 22000 miles on it and when it’s idles while backing up or moving forward it shifts up and down automatically. Have had it back to the dealer several times and they say all of them do that’s d they won’t fix it. It’s really unsafe because you can’t control the speed. I just gave up. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

  2. Toyota tech here. Within the past 2 weeks I’ve had to adjust the fluid on 4 2016 Toyota models. Two of which are Tacomas. One of them was 1/2qt low while the other was about 7/8qt. The most recent one had a complaint of no drive to reverse engagement in cold weather. I also spoke to our regional rep today and his advice is to measure the amount of fluid is takes to get the transmission to level. I also had to open a case with Toyota tech line last week because another model was low on fluid from the factory and is now getting a transmission after 330 miles. Not 330,000, just 330 miles… The service advisor was correct in saying that the procedure to check the level is time consuming due to the fact that the inspection range for the trans fluid is 95 degrees Fahrenheit-113 degrees Fahrenheit. Toyota has also included in their monthly conference call that an update is in the works for the Tacomas.

    1. Hey Jim. So now, one year and three months later has toyota truly fixed the issue for 2016s? Did they find an issue in the factory or anything? I’ve had two tacos and a 4runner, excited about the 3rd gen taco but am concerned about getting one. Seems like a roll of the dice if you get a problematic tranny or not.

  3. Thank you for posting this, Mike. My 2016 Tacoma is doing the exact same thing. I took it to the dealer (Crowne Toyota) last week and they said they needed to recreate the problem. They were helpful and wanted me to leave it overnight to drive the truck in the morning when it was cold. I was not able to leave it though but will in the near future.

  4. I’m also having this same problem with my truck and dealership. Opened a claim with Toyota customer service at corporate (1-800-331-4331) and heard back from the dealership 5 min after. I now have an appointment to get fluid level checked, the service manager still wanted to argue with me over this however.

  5. I recently purchased a 2016 Tacoma and while I have only experienced this particular issue a couple of times, I have experienced something else. The new 6 speed is great, but the gear changes are somewhat strange and seem to happen at weird moments especially when descending down hills. I live in Vermont, so most of my daily commute is up and down hilly roads in the country. It seems that the transmission will not let you coast down a hill as it shifts into a lower gear and raises the RPM from about 2000 to between 3500 and sometimes 4000 RPM after even lightly touching the brakes. I understand the concept of engine braking especially in larger vehicles, but it is a bit of an annoyance while on my daily commute. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks.

    1. I had exactly the same thing happen on my 2017 Tacoma when descending down a long hill while on a trip in Virginia this past week. I was in cruise control at the time and don’t remember even lightly touching the brakes, but otherwise it’s exactly the same issue. Transmission is also wonky in other situations–delays, clunks and slips as others have noted, but for me, certainly not always when it’s cold, and seemingly in different gears and speeds.

  6. I have a the same issue and also have an issue with the 4local. It acts like it’s not engaging. When in 4lo I can get my truck on an angle but once at an angle of 25 degrees according to its display, it will stop and not go up a hill. I can increase the rpms, not a lot of course, but no tire movement at all. I deal with mountain state toyota. They tell me that they can’t get me in for another 3 weeks, and they know that the truck works fine, it’s operator error. I’m no pro. Have been 4wheeling for 14 years straight now. So I think I know how to operate 4wheel drive high or low. Especially since it’s written on a card on the driver side visor. Who knows?

  7. I bought my Tacoma 4×4 in Feb. 2016. The delayed engagement and poor transmission response during normal commutes is very frustrating. It hasn’t been a good driving experience and I’m pretty disappointed. My dealer kept my truck for a day in May at 5,000 miles to check and fill the fluid if necessary but the problem is still not fixed. I’m going to try and take it back for another look soon.

    1. Update: About three weeks ago my dealer performed an ECM software update to address the transmission problems I was having. Glad to report that since the update was performed the transmission issues are gone. No more delayed engagement and the transmission seems to shift out (0-40 mph) in a much smoother manner. The difference was very noticeable.

      1. I just purchased a 2017 2WD Tacoma about a month ago, and I have noticed this “delayed engagement” several times. Mine seems to be noticed mostly when starting from a dead stop, as in stopped for a redlight or stop sign. The engagement is so rough that I’ve actually looked in my rear view mirror to see if I was rear ended. I had a 2004 Tundra for 12 years and never had a lick of mechanical problems with it, which led me to another Toyota. I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

  8. Mine just got the transmission tsb done today. I was having the same issues posted. All of them. Started since day one. With the reprogramming it fixed ALL of those problems. Feels like trans in my 2013 now. Shifts perfect!

  9. Hey Mike ~ Just purchased a new 2016 Tacoma and drove it from Socal to Portland with about 500 miles on the truck. I did have a dual axle U haul trailer i pulled up here. About a month after the trip with no signs of trouble with about 2600 miles on the truck.. Trans slipping really bad. Take it to the dealer and within the same day they tell me Toyota says replace the trans. I have owned Toyotas my whole life I Am dedicated to the brand. I feel let down. Have you heard of this happening before?

  10. Having shifting problems also very aggravating 2500 miles. Very disappointed l had 2004 Tacoma drove it 200,000 miles no problem at all. Going to take it in soon.

  11. Troy Turiano
    Having same issues also I have a appointment next week for my first service so we’ll see if they take care of it or not.

  12. Took my 2016 Tundra in for similar problem to dealership. My truck had similar issues shifting from park to first gear. Once it would engage it would lurch forward. Also, it would not shift from 3rd to 4th gear. This went on for a day. When I took it in they ran some diagnostics. Could not diagnose it, gave me a rental and a day and half later I have a new transmission. They did a good job servicing the truck but could not answer what happened to the transmission. I have just over 8,000 miles – many of the them freeway and none from towing. New transmission? on a brand new truck? I have been a loyal toyota truck customer but wonder if toyota is slipping – pun intended.

  13. Yes, I have a 2016 Taco TRD V6 LongBed, Crew Cab. I bought new in Feb 2016. When shifting from PARK to Drive there is a delay in the gears engaging…it makes my vehicle lurch forward. This is definitely a problem!!! What to do????

  14. I bought my 2016 in November of 2015, I have been experiencing the same issue since shortly after getting it. The delayed engagement happens every time the truck cools down and is the worst first thing in the morning. I have also started to notice that when asking the truck to accelerate quickly (like passing a slower vehicle) and downshift on its own that there is a delay and sometimes it down shifts two gears lower instead of one which causes the truck to lurch and the RMPs to shoot up. I find myself using the manual sport shift more and more because of this. I took my truck in for the 5K oil change and the dealer acted like they had never heard of the issue. I’ll be following this very closely, and would love if someone knows what TSB this is possibly covered under.

  15. Im considering buying a 2017 in a few days. Are these issues fixed or should I steer clear and shop for a different truck?

    1. 4 weeks ago I bought my 2017 Tacoma SR, now with 600 miles I noticed the delayed shifting on 2 or 3 gears and humming whistle coming from the transmission. I took it to the dealer on Tuesday morning and after 2 hours the technician did not find anything wrong. So I took the technician for a ride with mi and we were able to reproduce the issue. Today the service representactive told me that the dealer is working with Toyota manufacture to figure out what to do with the transmission. Since I just got it and has only 600 miles, I am thinking on return it back to the dealer.

  16. I just had the TSB for the delayed shifting problem done today.
    Yes it seems to have solved the problem.
    But what it seems to me is that it’s now in the ECT mode all the time.
    Regardless if the button is on or off.
    If this is the case what’s going to happen to the gas Milagros?
    Contacted the dealer…..no help.
    Going to contact Toyota Monday.
    Has anyone else noticed this after having the TSB done?

    1. Dan, mine has done the same as all the posts I have read. My dealer and lead mechanic have bent over trying to fix the issue, but if anything, after the reflash, and additional fluid that was added to the system, it’s actually worse- it will only run in 4th gear at highway speeds (60+)unless I manually shift it to 5th and 6th
      I’m now being told this is not the truck, but the fault of the leveling kit that has been dealer installed. Funny thing is it used to shift just fine at speed… only the delay when shifting from reverse to drive..until the reflash…
      Toyota field representative supposed to look at truck, the next time they are in town… 4-6 weeks – which is enough to annoy me.

  17. Mike, I just had TSB-0077-16 done on my 16 Tacoma yesterday. I was right at 6900 miles on the vehicle when I noticed the problem at varying speeds, highway and surface streets, while accelerating or running at a constant speed. The transmission literally felt like it was trying to fall out of the vehicle. Things seemed fine after the TSB work was done for just about 30 miles and then things started all over again with a vengeance. I’m headed back to the dealer tomorrow and have raised an issue with Toyota Customer Care at the suggestion of a couple of Toyota employees that I know.

    1. Here’s an update to the problems I originally reported. From October through the end of December by 16 Tacoma was in the shop every month. The transmission issue continued, a crank sensor failed and the fuel injection systems simply refused to work together causing the vehicle to run rough at daily commute speeds. I pursued the issue through Toyota USA and actually did a test ride with one of their Field Inspectors in the car with me. For a full 30 minutes I demonstrated how poorly the truck was running, got the Field Inspector to verbally state that he felt the issue as well but nothing registered on the diagnostic computer he had hooked up to the truck. At the end of the test ride he wrote it up as “vehicle is operating normally, customer dissatisfied”. I appealed through Toyota USA’s process only to have them tell me essentially to get lost. At this point I’ve got a vehicle with a Carfax report full of service issues and little likelihood of getting any value for it through a private party sale or on trade-in. Just as I was about to contact an attorney to pursue the matter through the State’s Lemon Law the dealer reached out to me and offered to put me in a different vehicle. We worked out a deal where I picked up a 4 cylinder Tacoma SR5 (same old engine the 4 cylinder Tacoma’s have had for years) which I’m now going to either sell myself or trade for a Chevy or GMC.

      1. Chad research the “Chevy Shake” before purchasing a GM truck. Gm is having issues that cant be fixed as of yet. My brand new 2016 GMC Sierra is one of these vehicles. GM has a team of engineers looking into why this is happening but no answers yet. I cant travel on the interstate due to bad vibrations or shaking. GM says it only affects 1% of their new trucks. HA! GOod luck anyways. I might try Jeeps new truck …
        Chris in New Mexico

      2. I’m in the same boat. Was just about to go to the dealership and get a TRD double cab until someone told me to research 16/17 Taco transmission problems.
        My truck choices were down to Tacoma or Sierra with much more incline towards the Tacoma but now after reading all these I’m not sure what to go with.

        1. Someone posted that maybe this is related to transmissions built at a specific plant. I am inclined to believe this as I had a minor issue going from Park to Drive with a delay but since the update things seem fine. I certainly am not experiencing the issues as a lot of people on here and I have 16k on my 2016 Sport.

  18. 2016 Tacoma TRD off road . Just returned from my dealer. He installed the transmission software update. Seems to have solved the problem of delay.

  19. I have a 2017 trd off road with same problem tried tsb update still has problems very dissappointed 900 miles on truck 35k missing from my pocket toyota needs to fix this.

      1. I had many of the problems everyone had mentioned above. Got tired of dealing with Toyota and their worthless corporate reps. Ended up dumping my TRD Pro and bought a Jeep Rubicon. Best decision I made as I don’t see any fix in the near future…..only my truck loosing more value every day and being a continuous problem.

  20. thank you for your post, I got the software update but now at 25mph I did notice Delayed Engagement from 2nd to 3rd specially in the morning at 50 to 60 degrees, I have a 2016 Tacoma TRD.

  21. I’ve had my Tacoma 6 weeks, same problem with the transmission, I’m really starting to question my decision to buy this truck. 2016 4 x 4, with off road pkg.

  22. I have 600 miles on my new 2017 Tacoma SR5. Having owned a half dozen Tacomas, I immediately noticed the delayed engagement as well as sticking. I wondered if it was geared lower for the tow package, but that’s not it. My question is: If there is a TSB fix issued months ago for 2016s, Wouldnt they have taken care of the 2017s before releasing them?

  23. Have 2016 Tacoma Limited. Transmission is slipping at various gears, just as if fluid was low. Very disappointed to learn its a sealed system. Was told by several dealerships that there is no update for the 2016 Tacoma and after seeing these posts, I’m a little lost as what to do next – except to contact corporate.

      1. HI Mike- does that mean we should be bringing our trucks back in to get the updated TSBs for them? I’m so pissed of with Toyota over this. I also notice that coming to a stop, sometimes the truck buckles real hard forward. Its so strange.

  24. I have the same intermittent problem with my 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4WD, wherein it does not want to engage in drive after backing out of a parking space. Only notice this when vehicle is cold. Also get an occasional rough downshift when slowing down to stop.

  25. I am SO disappointed with my 2016 TRD OR Sloppy transmission, and delayed engagement – YUK I really miss my 2000 Tacoma and wish I could reverse my purchase. I do know powertrains and Toyota clearly picked the wrong one for this model.

    1. Absolutely disgusted. 2016 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Sport. I have been to my dealer in Redwood City on multiple occasions for multiple issues: leaky windows, slip tranny, “random” nuts and bolts found in undercarriage that were FROM factory in Baja, subprime paint, easily cracked windshield, it is disturbing and unforgivable. Dream come true, purchased my first BRAND NEW TOYOTA – after years of owning slightly used )bought 1989 Tacoma 17k drove to 229k with less trouble than this 2016…. it is the biggest pain in the butt of all. Endless. Unbelievably the California Lemon Law almost applies to a new Toyota. What a sting to write that. Toyota will step up. Or will they?

  26. Bought a used 2016 Tacoma TRD Off Road have the same problem when switching from reverse to drive I’m glad I googled this problem and found this gonna take it in ASAP!!!

  27. I have a 2017 Taco TRD Off Road – Inferno, love it. Same issue with mine, since nothing has changed from 2016 to 2017. My dealership is well a wear off the problem and is going to deal with it at the 8K (5000 Mile) point. All dealers should have the TSB’s in their systems by now.

    1. The TSB May or may not fix the issue. I have a 2017 Sport and I have more problems after the update. I have noticed quite a bit, and its starting to bother me. I am going 80-90 mph on the freeway, 4th gear revving up to 3500 rpm’s wondering when the truck is going to shift. The only way it shifts is if I switch to manual mode and switch one gear up. Or if i release my foot off the gas pedal which you shouldn’t have to do.

      I also have a flare in the rev of the rpm gauge when shifting from 3rd to 4th. Today I noticed after backing up that I had a hard time engaging into drive to leave my house, then it jolted me forward in a sense where it kinda scared me. Being a new truck I am sure you would feel that way to.

      I have had the newest tsb update, also I have had my transmission fluid checked. Well this is not helping nor is it satisfying 100’s of taco owners. I have been going back and forth with my corporate rep which she is amazing and her customer service is on point. But I told her I could understand if it was 1-10 people having this problem but when there is 100’s of complaints then there is something wrong here.

      How do we know there is something not right that they cant figure out? Well they release tsb’s and “hope” that they cure the problem, but simply there not helping! I will keep you updated on what I hear next from them after the holidays. Hope this helps others.

      1. I have a 2016 Tacoma SR5 4WD with under 6,000 miles and am having some of the same issues. On the way into work this morning while slowing down to stop at a red light, downshift from 2nd to 1st gear was very harsh. About 50% of the time when shifting from Reverse to Drive, engagement is delayed and will slam into 1st if I am not gentle with accelerator pedal. There have also been a few other discomforting shifting problems. This is my first Toyota. I bought it because of Toyota’s reliability reputation, very disappointing. I’ll trade it before warranty expires. Probably going back to a FORD in a couple years. My last F-150 never did anything weird like this.

  28. Same kind of problem with my 2016 tacoma trd sport. Truck broke down on Christmas eve and wouldn’t start again. Warning lights saying High temp transmission fluid, Low pressure transmission fluid. 3 days later i’m still waiting for any news from the dealership Sherbrooke Toyota in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. No service at all.. and no car in the mean time. Not impressed at all with the customer service.

  29. I have a 2016 Tacoma Sport and my truck has exhibited the delayed engagement when going from Park to Drive on occasion. Yesterday with the temp being ~40 degrees the truck took a couple of seconds and clanking before it engaged into Drive from Park.

  30. I have the TSB done to my truck back in June.. However, after reading alot of low transmission fluid, I asked my dealer to check the fluid and told me they couldnt do it since is was a sealed transmission…. Im pretty sure there is a lot of complaints to Toyota about this. However, Toyota is not doing too much about it

    1. To me its kind of pathetic, they act like nothing is wrong and everything is fine… That its normal. But no its not, they should have a recall on these and man up! How do we push this further to the board, to the people who say ‘yah we need to do a recall’ its not the FDA is it.

  31. I have a 16′ 2wd XP package experiencing the same delayed engagement from reverse to drive along with a harsh downshift from 2nd to 1st when coming to a stop. My dealer performed the TSB and I experienced the same problem the following day. After leaving the vehicle with the dealer for 4 days to attempt to duplicate they returned it (with only 20 miles driven) saying they could not duplicate and could not proceed with any repair attempts. I was advised to contact Toyota directly and complain. Feeling very frustrated as i bought this vehicle new to avoid dealing with used car problems.

  32. Mike- Sorry to hear of your issues. I’ve had all of them too. There is a Rev 1 to the original TSB that was released in November. Durant Toyota in Hudson Oaks will gladly flash it for you. But, after having it done to my White 16 OR, the transmission has reverted back to it’s sluggish behavior.

  33. I bought my 2016 in July, hoping all the bugs were worked out. Not a chance. I was patient and it paid off. My wife took my truck in for its first 5000 mile oil change, at the dealer (a week ago). I had her note, that there was an issue with the transmission, particularly, going from reverse to drive. They upgraded the transmission program and… Viola! My trucks runs perfect. It’s more powerful at a lower RPM – you don’t hear the engine ramp up every move you make on the road. The trans is smoother than ever (like my 2006 Tacoma) and no more delays. Take your Tacoma trucks in and get the transmission/program upgrade. Now, I’m a happy Tacoma owner. Dealer is co-located in Hawaii, Mapunapuna area. Call them up and get the info.

  34. Read through all the posts and wish I found this before purchasing mine. 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro with 5k miles on it. Horrible shifting, gear searching when encountering the slightest of hills, no power unless running close to red line, and averaging 14mpg. First Toyota product I have owned and definitely the last. Seeing if dealer or corporate has a buy back, or selling it off. Absolutely hate driving it.

    1. Brian, I have a 2017 TRD Off Road with 3800 miles. I have the exact same problem. Talked to a buddy of mine with a 2016 who experienced the same symptoms. His dealer, in Boulder, CO, told him there was a flash update to the transmission control module, which they did, and his transmission was a quart low from the factory. He says his truck shifts perfectly now. Also, Toyota is giving him a new transmission since it was short the fluid. I’m hoping I have as good of experience with my dealer.

      1. Brian,
        I too have a 2017 TRD PRO with over 6000 miles. My first 5k was rough driving. At the 5000 service I complained about this and they updated the software on the transmission. The service desk told me it would be like night and day driving. It was a little better but certainly not the complete improvement implied.
        I’ve experienced a couple of transmission drops while coming off the highway on to slower roads a couple of weeks later which has me concerned. I do miss my 2014 TRD sport.

  35. Just had TSD-0077-16 installed in mine 16 Tacoma and so far I like the way it is shifting. It seems to have learned the way I drive and it shifts accordingly. Will keep my eyes on it though as I still don’t trust this TSB.

  36. I have a 2017 2.7 4×4 auto and am experiencing the same issues as everyone else. Just picked the truck up two weeks ago and its been hunting for gears, slipping, and slamming gears ever since. Going in for service this week, so we’ll see what they find. Apparently there isn’t a TSB for this truck so hopefully they don’t tell me to get stuffed. It has gotten better over time but a new truck shouldn’t be doing this – no way. I would have thought mine would have shipped with the new software update but maybe not. After owning a 2004 that was fantastic, this is a major let-down. Hopefully Toyota doesn’t screw us.

    1. UPDATE: My transmission was a quart low on fluid. Seems to drive better now although it isn’t very smooth still. It improves considerably once it warms up but maybe that’s a cold climate thing. Overall happy with it but I’m slightly concerned about longevity. We’ll see. FYI mine is an early 2017 and it has the latest transmission software.

      It’s tough to get out of a 2016 4runner loaner that shifts so smooth you don’t notice and go back to the taco :/

  37. I had my 2017 Sport updated and it was good for a few weeks but it’s right back to where I started now. Took a trip to Vermont from Cape Cod and it is by far the worst highway drive I’ve ever experienced in a Tacoma. The transmission is completely messed up. Downshifts on areas I wouldn’t consider a legit hill and holds 4 gear for an extreme long time once you level back out. You have to take your foot of the gas to get it to shift. Then it’ll downshift again. Can’t hold any type of smooth speed over 65 mph it just shifts and downshifts CONSTANTLY. I’m very disappointed and want my 2014 back. Idk what to do other than contact Toyota directly and figure out what’s so wrong with this transmission.

  38. My parents just purchased a 2017 Tacoma SR5 and it keeps lunging forward, to the point that they have to keep the brake engaged so they don’t jerk into the front of their garage or into something behind them when putting their truck into gear. They’ve talked to and visited the dealership more than one time and have been told it’s “NORMAL”. There is nothing normal about this! It is worse on cold starts. I’m not sure if it’s a contributing factor but they are also in a higher elevation. Very disappointing. I’d love to hear from anyone else with similar issues (a couple commenters said lurching forward). Thank you.

  39. I note you’re all talking about the Tacoma – I bought a brand new Prado in July 2016. Had it’s 10,000 km service last week. It’s my first 4 WD ever so, being a novice, I joined the Toyota 4-WD club straight away and did my initial training on Sunday. I drove the Prado up an incline to learn emergency reversing, this was done three times and the instructor was in the car with me. On the 3rd time I heard a pst, pst, pst, pst sound coming from the rear drivers side and the transmission light went on. The trainer said he thought that possibly the wrong transmission fluid had been put in at the service. Being a sealed unit that’s obviously not the case but I’m wondering, reading these posts here whether it didn’t have sufficient fluid in the first place. I told the service manager I expected it to be covered under warranty and he said it depended what they found, if I’d done something out of the ordinary it would be! Fat chance!!! Anyway, I put the Prado in to have it checked yesterday. They said it needed two “software upgrades”. I’ll be taking the Prado back to the 4 WD track this weekend to see if that’s fixed it. I’m very, very disappointed to say the least. Toyota has always been our “go to” for vehicles. They should be protecting their brand and doing a recall – seems like it’s a huge problem for loads of Toyotas.

    1. Oops! that should have read, the service manager said if they found something out of the ordinary it WOULDN’T be covered under warranty. I’m in Melbourne, Australia so clearly the problem with the Toyota transmissions is not confined to the US. Time for Toyota to step up!

  40. Here is my problem they did my update. But I will say it again but the hesitates going down the road. When it downshifts it make a big clocking noise in the rear end like my universal is going to fall out. Took it back to Summit Toyota. Of course it didn’t happen they would not keep the truck. So there answer is you have a 60000 mile warrnity just drive it. No you idiots I paid 34000 for a new truck that rides like crap fix it. Still to this date it’s not fixed. I thing we all should put a suit on Toyota.


  41. I’ve been at the dealer a better part of the day figuring out how to get out of the lease on my 2016 Tacoma. The transmission looks for gears like my grandmother looks for keys on a keyboard. Has no clue where it needs to be. I slowed down to go over a railroad track earlier this morning and the truck felt like it was about to stall on me. I’ve had the ECM flashed. That helped for a little while, but it is still not right. Now, with 13K miles, the brakes are squeaking and the fan belt assembly squeaks. I bought the truck because of all I had heard about Toyota’s reliability. Not feeling it with the Taco, that’s for sure!

  42. I am so sick of the shifting problems on my 2016 Tacoma 4X4 Off Road that I am ordering a 2017 Colorado ZR2. I have been a long time Toyota fan – but they lost me because of these transmission issues.

    1. Like you I will be trying to get out of my Lease because I’m so unhappy with my Tacoma. Had 4 of them before this and I will never own another one. Going back to Chevy and staying with them.

      1. Update to my post from a few months ago. The truck has been sitting in my garage for almost two moths as it wont run and waiting on the dealer to figure it out. Took it in the other day and they flashed the computer with the first update. It did make a small difference in how it performed. A glimmer of hope that they might be heading in the right direction……WRONG!!!

        Fast forward to today. Currently the truck is performing worse than before. Need to hold it in 3rd or 4th gear at or near redline to go up any hills here in AZ. Averaging 14 MPG hand calculated at every tank but the computer says 20MPG. In addition, the rear window is leaking into the cab soaking the rear seats, loud howling from the transmission or rear end (had the TSB for front end howling done), brakes are constantly engaging the ABS even on dry pavement, tonnue cover replaced and still leaks, transmission constantly hunting for gears and slipping on start from light and while shifting, there are other problems that it is going in for tomorrow as well.

        I have opened another case with Toyota requesting a buyback. Next step is to keep taking it in and file lawsuit under the State Lemon Law. Did leave a message for the dealership owner to call me. Expecting a call from him in addition to a call from a Toyota Rep tomorrow.

        Keep everyone posted.

        Again, I special ordered this TRD PRO and waited 4 months for it to be build and delivered…..in the 4 months that I have had it in my possession it has spent a majority of the time in the shop or my garage unable to be driven….really sad!

        1. Let me know! I am seriously considering asking my dealer to take mine back. It’s a complete shame that Toyota thinks this is acceptable and refuses to acknowledge what a lemon the 2016-2017 Tacomas are. This engine/transmission combo belongs in a minivan, not an off-road truck.

  43. Same issues here. 2017 tacoma double cab trd short bed. No delay engagement but transmission does down shift at wierd points and does not upshift when you would expect it to. Very similar issues to what ive been reading here. Making appointment to take it in soon. I live on a slight incline and go up the incline every morning for work. Every morning i can feel the trans slip at the same spot on the hill when going up. But only happens there when engine and trans is cold.

    1. Yeah they probably won’t do anything. I’ve found mine has gotten better over time with about 2500 miles on mine. Took mine to the dealer a few times for hard shifts when cold, slipping and they claim it’s fine.

  44. I have the 2017 Double TRD Pro shortbox … less than a month old … and I notice the weird shifting as well. but the biggest issue for me is the one you mentioned in your Dec 27 update … the transmission seems to clunk down into first gear. When coming to a stop as the transmission downshifts it makes a loud clank as it goes from 2nd to 1st. First time it happened it was a nasty jolt and took me by surprise … and it’s been happening frequently since then. Contacting the dealer this week to have it looked at.

    1. I got this issue as well. Went in for my service 20k miles on Monday, dealership kept the truck and is opening a ticket with Toyota corporate.

  45. Soooo, I’ve been following this for a long time. I just hit 20k miles in my 2016 Tacoma. Have had all the same issues as everyone else. I brought it up again during my scheduled service. This time, I had a new young guy help me. He decided to keep the truck there and contact Toyota corporate.

    Lo and behold, 3 days later I just called to see what is going on. The Techs agreed, driving it around they felt exactly what I have been saying. Toyota corporate sent a guy from the NY area down to look at it and feel it as well. the Trans fluid was not 100% full. That was the first thing they noticed. They are also replacing a crank sensor. Also, they have to get some kind of test strips to dunk in the fluid to see what chemical reactions are going on (this is just how he described it on the phone.)

    I am super pumped that they are taking this seriously. He commented that he thinks Toyota is trying to narrow down if the faulty transmissions are sourcing from one plant.

    I’ll update everyone as I get conclusion on this. I’m sure lots of you follow this just as I do.


  46. Took my 2016 into dealership for the 20k mile service. Voiced all my normal concerns about terrible down shifting, messy transmission searching for gears, etc…..

    This time, I had a new guy who after doing my oil change told me he wanted to keep my truck and open a ticket with Toyota corporate. I said ok.

    Two days later, he called, stating that they took it out on the road and experienced everything I said was going on. Long story short, Toyota sent a rep in from NY State area (I live in S Jersey) and they went to work.

    Transmission fluid was very low. (No shit.) He also stated that Toyota had them check the “Glyclol level” in the trans because there are some issues with coolant leaking into the transmission. A few other things were done as well.

    Same guy took it out on the road and said it now drives like a completely new truck. Toyota Corporate wants them to keep it and put 15-30 miles on it and then do another health test to ensure everything is looking good.

    I wanted to pass this along to everyone that is having the problems. Push for it to get fixed.

    1. Brian, this is interesting to hear about the ways they fixed your transmission. I have the “clunk” down into first when cold problem, had the meeting with the Toyota rep and been in the dealer a few times. They informed me that is “normal” which is BS if you ask me! They did the fluid check but none of the other things you mention. My rep was from my area in Albany, NY. I am curious what dealer you are working with, because as I mention in a comment below I may have my dealer call yours for a fix!

  47. The sales guy who initially sold me my 2016 Tacoma asked me if he could drive it. He was able to make the truck do everything I had complained about. He told me that all the 2016s do exactly the same thing. I left the lot that day with a 2016 4Runner that still had the 5-speed transmission. Needless to say, it shifts perfectly.

  48. I had my meeting with a Toyota Rep from Denver today. Knew right off the bat this was not going to go anywhere. I was told the the truck is running normal. Their test was a short 20 minute drive on the flat freeways of Phoenix AZ. All of my diving is in the mountains, not the flats of the city…of course it will run on a flat surface! The leaking rear window is considered “normal” for heavy rains or washing your truck! And the best….the wipers are NOT designed to remove snow from the windshield??? Even though I pulled up the advertisement video for the TRD Pro showing them blowing through snow in the North Pole.

    So for those of you considering purchasing a Tacoma…as long as you don’t drive it in the rain, snow, or up any hill greater than .0001% you should be good! Also, don’t plan on washing it either as the back seat will end up wet.

    The impression I received was the Rep was there to tell us Toyota’s default or canned response. There was no real concern about the dissatisfaction with their product or any attempt to make it right. Simply, “that’s normal” have a nice day.

    Working now on researching out a replacement vehicle to trade it in on.

    Will be filing additional complaints with all appropriate agencies.

  49. Traded in 2016 Tacoma which I hated and bought a 2017 Ridgeline which I totally love. Have owned 3 Tacoma’s in the past and liked everyone of them but the 2016 was a horrible experience.

  50. Found a 2017 TRD off road access cab on the lot where i bought my 2004 Tacoma access cab new. Took it for a ride and wasn’t impressed with the acceleration. It has 278 HP my 2004 has 190 HP. It was a beautiful looking truck. Certainly didn’t have the get up and go of my 2004. I heard of the difficulties they have had with the trannys on the 16’s, figured they would have figured it out by the time they brought out the 17’s. Certainly not going to make the move to a new one until they get this ironed out. Certainly not what you expect from Toyota

    1. I own a 2017 TRD PRO with about 14k on it so far. I don’t have any issues with the truck so far. I did do the TSB update also. My truck was not included in the most recent recall for the rear transmission leaking.

      I came from a 2014 TRD Sport Access cab. I found that there is a button called ECT which makes the truck drive like night and day at lower speeds. It was intended for pulling trailers. I usually have it on while driving locally for a better drive and much more responsive feeling. I turn it off when I get up to highway speeds. There are two aftermarket products out that may help the drive better also. One out there takes the delay out of the petals which makes it feels responsive like while in ECT mode. Unfortunately I don’t remember the but it is speed something and been around for a bit. The other part is called Shift Sense Pro by DZ Custom Innovations which just came out and looks it give me that ECT feel but at higher speeds. Both are about $200.

      So the whole reason I’m posting is for Dan, when he goes back, take another test drive and make sure you turn on ECT. Night and day driving.

  51. I own a 2017 tacoma, less than 1000 miles
    Took it back to dealer because of delayed shifting and transfer flaring. Dealer put in writing the truck was 2quarts low and replaced temperature sensor on trans. I still have same problem and will try to call
    Corporate to start a fix. Thanks everyone. I thought I was the only one with this problem.

    1. How do you get them to check the fluid level. when I mention similar problems with my 2016 Tacoma to my dealer I just get blank stares!

  52. Hello, I have a 2017 TRD Off Road 4×4 that now has 17k miles on it. My original problem was the parking brake was out of adjustment (so they say) and the brake would get stuck on and you have to rev the engine up a good bit to get it to break free. I called them to come to the house and get the truck they sent a roll back and a mechanic to get it. The mechanic rocked my left rear back and forth and finally got it to break free. I complained about the longevity of my brakes because of this issue and they replaced the rear shoes. Now my transmission will delay to engage when pulling out from a stop on an incline. It sounds like gears that are not meshing. After I drift backwards I have to get back on the break and let the rpm’s come down before the transmission engages. I have taken the truck back to the dealer several times, only to have them tell me they cannot recreate the problem. So, the last time I took it in they told me they drove a brand new one off the lot and it did the same thing. It is actually the anti lock brakes pulsing because of the hill assist. They also told me how to drive on a hill. BS I am 59 years old and grew up in Wv not Sc. I am frustrated as can be. I bought this truck going into retirement and it was supposed to last me from here on out. Now I am not sure it will get me home from work today. I am getting pretty pissed with Toyota. I have called the Toyota Care multiple times only to have been given a case manager that I can never get in touch with. Today when he finally contacted me, I was told that I would have to take it up with the dealer. WTH !!!!! Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you…..

        1. Not really. There’s many. But I’ve also seen a few with issues and some traded or sold theirs. There’s also a recall going on with the rear differential seal right now. Get on toyota tacoma 3rd gen FB page. There’s people on there that might be able to help with issues you may be having.

    1. Toyota CustomerCare is a joke. The Rep had an answer for everything…everything is “within spec” and “that’s normal”.

      1. Same thing they told me when I took mine in three times. When I could finally get it to happen in front of them they then said “Hmm. That seems odd.”

  53. I have the 2016 Tacoma Limited and have the transmission delay issue going from reverse to drive. It is extremely annoying and im totally disappointed in paying $38k for a truck that is top of the line in Toyota trucks- mid size. I’m even at the point of thinking of trading the truck in for a GMC or Chevy and not buying Toyota again. This is my 4th Toyota truck/SUV and I am extremely disappointed. Now that they are being built in the US the quality seems to be lacking…Rafael

  54. Just had my 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5 in for recall on rear diff and talked to two different techs regarding the lurching problem and gear delays. They said they are totally aware of the problem and it is being addressed. In fact there was a factory rep there that day discussing the same. They are working on a fix but as of now there is no time frame for when that will happen or how. Maybe a recall or just fix as brought in! At least there is finally some acknowledgement.

    1. I have that hard “clunky” downshift into first with cold issue. I have had it in a few times and met with the rep from Toyota and also talked to corporate. They basically told me it was normal and there was nothing being done! What dealer told you this, because I want to have mine call them!

  55. I purchased My 2016 TRD Crew cab Tacoma in December 2015. The issues are the same as written prior. I had the transmission checked at 5k and found it to be low on fluid. This corrected the delay to shift issue but the erratic shifting has always been an issue. 20K now and all issues are present. Sucks to be a Toyota believer. Now what?? Dealers are like lawyers,protect and take your money.

  56. Last summer I sold my beloved 2004 Dodge Dakota because an $800 sensor in the transmission had gone out twice and I was done with an old truck having transmission issues. I then bought a 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 2WD. I’ve had my Tacoma for a year now and within the last few weeks going up and down hills the tachometer has been going up to 3500-4000 RPMs. The truck just hit 7500 miles and I took it in today to share with dealership the issues I’ve been having. Also, it lurches into gear from reverse to drive in the morning just like so many others on this post. It’s been doing that for as long as I’ve had the truck but I kept hearing how it’s a new transmission and that it’s normal for Toyota Tacomas to do that. It’s NOT normal. The dealership updated the transmission software today and said that should fix the issue. I asked the guy point blank if Toyota has had to replace transmissions because of this problem. Surprisingly his answer was yes. He told me to drive it and if I have the same issues that he will go for a drive with me to see first hand. Tonight I took it up and down hills and again the tachometer went crazy. Tomorrow I’m taking it back to the dealership. If the transmission does have to be replaced what are the guarantees that their not replacing it with the same faulty thing that’s in there?! I’m so disappointed as I’ve wanted a Tacoma for years and heard such great things about them.
    Mike, thank you for starting this post!!!

    1. I have a 2016 V6 2wd. My transmission was replaced already. It still isnt performing correctly. l’m so disappointed as I’ve wanted a Tacoma for years and read a book about Toyota quality before purchasing mine. Ironic now, they are doing a lot out of Michigan that used to be out of Japan…

  57. Had a similar experience with my 2014 prerunner tacoma 35k miles early in the morning started the car and after a minute disengaged the e-brake, put the shifter in reverse to get out of the garage, press the gas, no response as if the the e-brake is still on, put some more gas still no response depressed e break thinking it got stuck still no reponse, place shifter to drive got no response, put back shifter to reverse and press gas harder, HEARD A LOUD THHHUUDDD MECHANICAL SOUUND UNDER my truck then it moved… SCARRYY!

  58. I am trying to find this same issue in Canada and so far I cannot find one. I found one who commented here and said that his had some issue with the transmission over heating but so far no issue with the lag. My dealer said there is no issue with the Canadian versions but I wonder if that is true because the US and Canadian Tacoma’s are manufacture at the same factory and same parts, no?

  59. Having the same problem too just started yesterday (10/03/2017) and I only have 14,000 miles on it hopefully toyota fixes this soon I don’t want to start my mornings off like this all the time

  60. 2016 TRD Crew cab. Got the ECT TSB as soon as I heard about it many months ago. Now I’m at 15k miles and the sluggish, irritating shifting is bothering me so much I’m seriously considering trading it for another non Toyota truck. I took the issue up the chain with my dealer, they seemed to take it seriously. Escalated to the Toyota Field Tech, but in the end it was deemed “within spec”. I then complained to Toyota and got a case manager. She investigated and told me there is no new TSB (software fix) to be expected. Basically, live with it. So disappointed. I’ve been a local Toyota truck guy for 20 years, and what a shame this is what it’s come to. Super annoying.

    1. Fed up with all the BS lies and excuses from Toyota, sold my 2017 Tacoma Turd and by far the best decision I ever made! First and last Toyota I will ever own.

  61. Hi, we run a small fleet of Toyota 4WD vehicles. We have encountered similar problems with older vehicles.
    In most cases we have found that changing the Gear fluid and the filter sorted the problem.

    1. How do we go about changing the gear fluid also the filter? I am savvy and willing to learn its a matter of knowing the procedures and steps to take. Or does toyota do this? All I know is their a pain in the ass

  62. My toyota tacoma 2011 had delayed engagement for about a month from 4D to D. Now it never makes it to D, it stays at 4D. RPM on tachometer does not go high, it stays at about 1200 rpm’ But is that just the engine tach ? does the transmission have an rpm?

  63. Add me to the list of unhappy 2016 Tacoma owners. Towing a single axle utility trailer weighing 2,200 lbs resulted in 3,100 RMP on flat ground and 4,700RPM at the slightest hint of incline and 11.5 MPG. I live in Michigan, we’re pretty flat around here. The factory rep response, “We make no promises about what your mileage will be towing a vehicle nor about the RPMS you might experience.” The dealer guys said drive it till it blows up, you have a 100k power train warranty. I’m starting the arbitration process today, I want my truck taken back and my money back. Anyone had any experience with this process? Any class action suits being considered?

  64. Wow what a mess. I have been considering trading up my 2005 Tacoma for a 2017 but will reconsider based on all of this. Toyota has really gone down hill when it comes to taking care of their customers. With my truck it took them ten years to issue a recall on the faulty springs and when they finally did they would not cover any of the costs of the Springs I had installed at the six year mark. That along with the corrosion problems they had make you wonder where Toyota is headed. I think part of the problem is that they want to be the largest automobile company in the world but have forgot that making quality vehicles is why they are where they are today.

  65. New 2017 SR5 Tundra owner here……well I decided to see if any other owners had experienced what I have been experiencing with the clunky shifting at highway speeds and the delay on reverse to drive. Here we are and I can tell you I’m beyond disappointed in reading the experiences here and I’m planning on complaining next time I bring it in but this is pretty sad. I always wanted this truck and I’m pissed about this performance.

  66. I have never been so disappointed with a truck in my life, 2016 Tacoma double cab sport, the driveability of this transmission at highway speed is at best a circus of jugglers trying to catch the correct gear. Had into Toyota dealer in Nova Scotia 3 times, verdict “this is a normal operating characteristic of this truck” I have video of this happening, shifting gears to #4 on flat ground and them to #5 & or #6 for no reason. Put a slight grade in front of this truck & let the games begin. I tow an 9 foot utility trailer with an ATV, total 1355 pounds, it will not handle it at all, stays in 4th gear on the highway. What a piece of crap these things are. Off to Toyota Canada next with video in hand. All TSB’s done, trans fluid down 600ML or 1/2 quart. No way I can drive this for 5 years. It will be gone as soon as winter is gone here. I went from a 3500 Cummins Ram because I wanted to downsize, thought I would buy quality in a Toyota, I was wrong.

  67. I have read through the comments here. My 2017 Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4DR has the same loud “clank” from 2nd to 1st when slowing to stop. The transmission is the auto 6 spd. It almost feels like you’re getting a little rear end nudge from an oblivious driver behind you. I have a case with Toyota corporate. I took it to my dealer and they flashed the transmission with an update and changed the oil (thanks guys, that helped…). It did not help, and the truck happy-slaps itself into 2nd to 1st on dry surfaces, still. Prior to getting a case number, my dealership told me that they are aware of the problem but it’s normal, yep, normal. It’s normal to pay for an almost 40k truck to have it start slapping 2nd and 1st around with only 7,300 miles. The shift can be equated to someone flicking your ear from behind. It’s random, annoying and uncalled for. I hope everyone finds a solution to their issues, but being a long time Toyota owner, this is my first real disappointment. I have a 1997 FJZ80 that shifts perfectly, but then again, it has tried and true push button features. Cheers.

    1. I am in the first stage of contact with toyota for the same problem. it seems the dealers are being told to say they can’t duplicate the problem. I am going to get every service ticket to say they heard the problem in writing,and ride along with technician and record his comments on the thud he hears when breaking. For Future reference.in case of some class action,lawsuit

  68. I own a 2016 Tacoma off road. It is doing the same thing. Today, it did not accelerate when pulling onto a busy road. I was almost hit. The technician stated “we know there is a problem with the 2016’s regarding transmission delay, but Toyota will not do anything about them. It’s too expensive.” If there are enough people complaining, can someone say ‘class action law suit’? I never sue for money… I just want the problem fixed. They said the only way to fix it is to put in a whole new transmission.

  69. Too bad some people might have to die before they decide to undo this transmission mistake. Sometimes mine takes a long time to engage or find the right gear.

  70. 2018 double cab, 4,000 miles been in 3times for related transmission issues. It snaps into gears, it searches and downshift for no reason and has a huge clunk every now and then while breaking. Very, very disappointed.

  71. I have the 2017 model and just like everyone else on here, it’s a piece of shit! Toyota bell rd and 17ave Phoenix, az and bell road and 83rd ave both suck: corporate sucks. All of Toyota is garbage!!! I want to drive my truck through their front doors. I can’t believe they don’t honor their fkin warranty!! I hope one day the service managers and owners of those shops have the same experience I gave. Losers.

  72. I have tacoma 2006 prerunner and i am having problems with my transmission from park change to drive sometimes i cant

    1. Welcome to the Tacoma transmission circus. The more you read about your problem the more you will realize you’re stuck with a pos with the rest of us. Best thing you can do is spread the word to everyone about your experience with this truck.

  73. 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport….SAME PROBLEM 🙁 Intermittently the truck rev’s up to 2k rpm before it engages. It’s driving me nuts! and the problem is getting more and more frequent. I have an appt at the dealership tomorrow…we’ll see how this goes.

  74. 2015 Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4 is having the same symptoms as described about problems with the delayed engagement. This just started four days ago. I called the dealer Monday morning and they will be sending a tow. Will update.

  75. Hi Mike. I have a 2020 Tacoma TRD and I’m having the same issues. Slight incline, reverse to drive, delayed engagement to drive, transmission clatters and then jumps into forward. Very annoying. I’m shocked that Toyota hasn’t addressed this in newer models, but I guess they haven’t. There is also a “whine or whistle” noise that I hear from time to time while driving down the highway. My question is: what fix did you finally come up with on these posts, or is there even a fix?

  76. 2014 Toyota Tacoma regular cab here with only ~50k miles on it doing the same thing. Slow to engage in first gear. Making me hate a truck I used to love.

  77. That’s not the transmission it’s the antilock brakes and traction control they should have it set up less sensitive
    The howling sound you here is just wind going through an area at a certain speed that is the sound it makes

  78. Thanks for the reply. Since my last post I’ve figured out it is the anti-lock brakes as you stated. The noise I hear has to be wind noise (maybe around the frame area). Had a 2015 Tundra and traded 4 months ago (2020) for the Tacoma. Downsizing was my better option. Love the Taco!

  79. I have a 2015 tacoma 4door cab v6.turned 115000 miles without a problem till today. Having same problem calling mark Toyota in Plover Wisconsin in the morning

  80. I have actually experienced something similar with my 2020 4Runner. When shifting from either P to D, or from R to D, there is a slight delay, then a hard shift into gear. It doesn’t do it all of the time, but this is definitely not normal. I have taken it to the dealer, and they insist that it is. They even stated that it’s because the transmission fluid drains from the torque converter after sitting for expended periods, and it takes time to recirculate the fluid. That sounds like garbage to me, especially since I’ve never had this problem before on any vehicle, and they all have torque converters.

    Another problem, which I think is actually worse, is that after shifting from R to D, there is a “clunking” sound, and either the 4 wheel drive or transfer case light will flash a few times. This has only happened twice, but I feel that both problems are related. Of course, the dealer states the same thing, unless they can duplicate the problem, they really can’t do anything about it.

    I actually think that the dealer is doing what they can, but I believe that it’s Toyota that is the problem. They will not allow their dealers to troubleshoot problems because that cost them money in both labor and parts. The dealer then offered me a loaner vehicle while they keep mine to test drive for a few days to see if they can duplicate the problem. I’m not real excited about them putting my new vehicle through a bunch of “tests” without me knowing what they’re doing with it. What additional damage may they cause while trying to stress my drivetrain?

    Anyway, this is my very first Toyota as I’ve always been an American car guy. I owned a Jeep Wrangler before this, and a Ford F-150 before that, both of which were great vehicles. By they way, they also both had torque converters. 🙂 I’m not real excited about my initial experience with Toyota, unless we can actually solve this problem. I do feel that Toyota generally makes very reliable vehicles, but I can only speak from personal experience, and I’m not having a good experience.

  81. Hey Gil. How do you know that it’s the anti lock brakes and traction control? I have a similar problem with my 2020 4Runner, but the dealer hasn’t been able to duplicate the problem. Maybe I can point them in the right direction.

  82. careful friend, I just got a 2014 with 106k and it started slamming into gear pulling away from stop signs (once every 100 times).

  83. I have had a problem with my 2018 Toyota Corolla SE with the junk CVT transmission. I have always been a Toyota fan but I’m really disappointed in the CVT. They only last anywhere from 100,000 to 160,000 TOPPS..!! For a vehicle that’s engine can go 300,000+ why would they put a transmission in that only lasts that long. I know they did a recall on the 2019 Corolla hatchback and are replacing all the transmissions in those that are CVT. What I don’t understand is why not all their vehicles with CVT transmissions..?? My transmission at a stop has the delay and then engages at a certain RPM…

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