When I was much younger, and even for a quite a few years after they became obsolete, I was obsessed with the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. I’ve owned pretty much every computer Commodore ever made, except for some of the exotics and for some reason I never cared for the Commodore SX-64. Back in those days there was no such thing as an Amazon or an eBay. Everything was mail order or computer departments in stores like Sears. There was also software stores like Babbages. and Electronics Boutique that sold mostly games. If you wanted the hardcore stuff it was mostly mail order. However, there was a place in Burleson, TX that sold literally everything you could ever want for a Commodore.  It was called Commodore Country. And it was an odd gem of sorts.

Commodore Country

Commodore Country Burleson TX 0001

Commodore Country

Commodore Country was basically a large storage building on the side of the road in Burleson, TX (Johnson County). It’s address was 1420 County Road 914. I even still have the number in my address book from years ago.  It was (817) 295-7658!  I don’t know for sure if I have the owners name right, but I think it was Brad Jackson. I looked up the property on Johnson County’s website and it shows to be owned by “The Jackson Family Trust” (ACCT 126.0185.01161). So I at least have the last name right.

I graduated high school in 1990, so much of my memories of Commodore Country are driving my brother out there as teenagers. Neither of us had a lot of money back then, so I remember many times I had to leave empty handed because I couldn’t afford what I wanted. Commodore Country had shelves and shelves of software, both in floppy (trusty old 5 1/4″ disks) and cartridge formats.  It also had lots of hardware. Everything from the old breadbox C64 to Amigas. They also sold hard drives and serviced computers for a flat fee.

Of course, I had to put the address into Google Maps and see if I could see the old building. It looks to me like its still there! Of course, it is no longer Commodore Country…

Someone recently pointed out to me that the picture in Bing Maps is much better.

commodore country burleson tx 0004

Location of the old Commodore Country computer store

Commodore Country Pictures

Commodore Country Burleson TX 0002Unfortunately I have not had any luck finding any pictures of the inside or outside of the building, or what happened to Brad Jackson. I don’t think he was old enough to have passed away yet (of natural causes anyway).

Back in those days we didn’t all have cameras in our pockets snapping pictures of anything and everything. So at this point, all I have is my memories. If any of you have any pictures of Commodore Country, or have any info and/or know what the owner is doing today (or did after closing Commodore Country), please drop me a line and let me know!

I did pull an old Commodore magazine and find their advertisement on the back pages though. That’s pretty neat.