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Woodprix is a SCAM

Recently, a new website has come online telling everyone to sign up for a cheap DVD and get thousands of plans sent to them for just $49 or something.

Woodprix is a Scam

Woodprix is the new Ted’s Woodworking scam.  Woodprix is a scam. It’s a site that is selling a DVD full of stolen plans.  They simply download all of the plans all over the web from reputable websites like mine, Woodworking For Mere Mortals, Izzy Swan, etc and post them all on a single DVD for you to buy without the consent of the original author.

Woodprix is SPAM

In addition to being a scammer, these guys are SPAMmers.  They post SPAM comments all over YouTube and blogs attempting to get people to visit their website and buy their stolen goods.

Do not buy from Woodprix.  Woodprix is a scam!  It is very likely that your credit card or personal details will wind up compromised and in the hands of criminals.  If they don’t mind stealing the product they are selling, and sending SPAM buy the bucket loads to sell it, you can be sure they can’t be trusted with your personal information.  This is of course assuming they actually send the DVD and don’t just take your money in the first place.

Save yourself the time and do not buy from Woodprix.  Woodprix is a scam!

I have sent them messages asking them to stop selling stolen material and to stop SPAMming.  They have ignored my requests.


UPDATE (March 1st, 2016): Woodprix sent the following comment, which I will not approve, but show you here for full disclosure.

From Woodprix: “Hi Mike. Sorry for Your inconveniences. I didn’t see any of Your ‘warned’ and didn’t know about comment issue before. However, You can ban ‘woodprix’ word in your YT channel if you like. Look at this link–[redacted URL]  it should help You. I hope you will delete these article too ? Make peace, not war. Best regards”

Woodprix is a scam 0009This will be the one and only reply you get from me, so please save us both the heartache. First, you did get the message.  But of course if you’re dishonest enough to do all the other things you do, then of course you’ll have no problem lying about this too.  But just to prove a point, see the facebook inbox snippet with the big bold “Seen Jan 15” below it.  You got the message and you chose to ignore it.

That said, it is not and will never be my or other content creators responsibility to clean up after your SPAM bots. It is a direct violation of United States (and most other countries) law to SPAM.  Quit SPAMming! Even IF the community was willing to tolerate your SPAM, we are not and will never tolerate the theft of our material that you are selling. So here’s my final comment to you: STOP SELLING STOLEN GOODS AND STOP SPAMMING. JOIN THE COMMUNITY AS A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN AND SELL YOUR OWN LEGAL CONTENT. MARKET IT THROUGH LEGAL MEANS.

Then we can talk peace. All future comments, emails, discussion, etc. will be deleted until then.

UPDATE 2 (Mar 2nd, 2016): Some of the other woodworkers are posting similar articles, or updating existing ones.

Check out some very detailed investigation of the Ted’s Woodworking / Woodprix Scam at WoodGears.

Check out Steve Ramsey‘s article on fighting woodworking scams.

UPDATE 3 (May 23rd, 2016): The woodprix scammers have spent the last few days attempting to post comments to my comments sections that say various versions of “delete this post, or I will end your business.”

Here are a couple of excerpts from my SPAM filters.

woodprix scam 0010woodprix scam 0011

I think they’ve confused the word “business” and “gang” or “mafia”. Businesses do not scam, threaten harm, or engage in other criminal activity. I’m in the process of filing a formal criminal complaint with the FBI.

UPDATE 4 (May 23rd, 2016): Woodprix left the following comment:

Why do you think it’s a criminal activity. If someone want to share my website data on YT ,this is criminal activity for you ? Really ? ——- Even if you personaly bought these plans and you didn’t like it you could take your money back. I have this option on woodprix (money back guarantee) and it’s working properly. But I think you didn’t buy my plans, you don’t know what’s in this plans, and now you are breaking my business with this article on your website (and few more on net). Did I make you any losses to your company thegeekpub ? You made me a lot of losses with those stupid articles. Do you really want to meet me in court ? Get down these articles and we can forget about this situation. Isn’t better ? Now I’ll stop to annoying you a little bit (I wanted to be sure you will take my message, and believe me I can do this all the time) and give you a time to think about it. We can resolve the situation in 2 ways – war or peace. PS. I’m just selling these plans (Ted’s plans from good and legit company) and nobody who bought these plans from me never complained about this product. Sometimes they want to take they money back (very rare, and I think they just copied datas) but I’m sure this plans satisfied them. So what’s Your problem ? It’s just a will to destroy an opponent in woodworking business. And one more thing – you send me your message on january 15… After 7 years of tryings, my first child was finally born 4th of january and believe me or not but on 15th of july I really didn’t have my head on right place. You could just let this situation go after I sent you a message how to resolve your problem with this guys who add the name of woodprix on your YT channel. Regards

It is criminal activity to:

  1. Sell these stolen plans. Your plans are stolen from other websites and redistributed without permission of the authors. It doesn’t matter where you got them.
  2. To run an automated mechanism (or pay people) to post unwanted comments on message boards, emails, etc. This is a federal crime.
  3. To threaten me or my company.
  4. To run automated attacks against my website.

I asked you via email, and on your facebook page to stop SPAMming woodprix crap on my channels, and my websites. You refused. I was perfectly willing to let it all go. All you had to do was STOP!!!  You didn’t. You kept going. I told you in that email (posted above) that I was going to “ask you once nicely to stop, or that I would go full force retaliation”. You made the choice to be where you are.

Stop breaking the law. Stop selling stolen plans. Stop threatening me. Stop SPAMming. I’ve already contacted the FBI and I will press charges against you if do not go away immediately.  War is going to land you in a prison.

UPDATE 5 (May 23rd, 2016): Woodprix wrote me again…

1. Did you even buy these plans that you say they are stolen ?
2. “To run an automated mechanism (or pay people) to post unwanted comments on message boards, emails, etc. This is a federal crime.” – No, paying people to make comments on YT channels it’s not a crime (explain me that if i’m not right). You dont own your Youtube channel (it is not your property). It a property of Youtube (google). You can only make moderate your comments or disable it.
3. You threaten me and my company and make looses to my buisness. I didn’t make you any losses.
4.’To run automated attacks against my website.’ – do you think this was really an ATTACK ? You are a good woodworker but you really don’t nothing about it.
5. I explained you why I didn’t see your massage in January. Read Read Read It’s a child you heartless man. If you didn’t understand that or didn’t believe that is truth, so be it. ( what can I do more )
6. ‘Stop breaking the law. Stop selling stolen plans. Stop threatening me. Stop SPAMming. I’ve already contacted the FBI and I will press charges against you if do not go away immediately.  War is going to land you in a prison.’ – I just explained you that you are not right because ‘your channel’ in YT isn’t yours and I can make any comment if you allowed to. You make me a lot of money trouble and you are lying about my buisness so I will make your life harder now. You can’t find me, even if you will FBI can’t get me from my country (they will send antiterrorist against me after sending a lot of comments on youtube ? oh my GOD and they take me to the prison ?? hahahahahahahahaahhaha).
7.”From Woodprix: “Hi Mike. Sorry for Your inconveniences. I didn’t see any of Your ‘warned’ and didn’t know about comment issue before. However, You can ban ‘woodprix’ word in your YT channel if you like. Look at this link–[redacted URL]  it should help You. I hope you will delete these article too ? Make peace, not war. Best regards” ——— It was my first message to you, I said sorry and give you a fast help just when I saw this article with your complains against my behaviour. And you still threat me like this. You had some comments on YT for 2 weeks and You are destroing my business for 5 moths already. Thank You very much Mike Murray and big love from my daughter You old sick prick man. You are really sick man. ( my wife just said – ‘maybe he is a gey and he want to have a blowjob from you….. even I will give you a calm after all of it)
Do what You want now, but if you won’t delete this lying informations about woodprix until tommorow I will treat you just like you treated me for all this time. I know my enemy, do you know yours ? This was my last message to you. BYE

So it sounds like woodprix is going to do some more illegal things.

UPDATE 6 (05/25/2016): Woodprix is now writing fake reviews about my website at pissed consumer. I don’t think they realize that the more they attack me the more it increases my resolve to keep this post here.

UPDATE 7 (06/01/2016): Our scammer has made a fatal mistake in his attempts to hide himself.  I now have all of his personal information, his residence address in his country, email addresses, and a list of all of his other scam websites.  I am going to stop here and offer to be nice one last time. If said scammer stops all attacks on my site, deletes his fake posts on Pissed Consumer and Ripoff Report, this will end here. Should the attacks and fake reviews of my site continue, I will post all of his information for the world to see and proceed to write articles about all of his scam sites.

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10 Responses

  1. All comments by unknown posters are held for review. None of your Woodprix SPAM scam stuff will be shown here. Those comments go right to the bit bucket. I know you are upset about this article and the accompanying reddit post. But I warned you TWICE that if you kept SPAMming my site and channel that I would go full force into spread the word about your site mode. You had the option to stop and you chose this path. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, you could have chosen to stop SPAMming me.

  2. LOL. Those Woodprix or “Wood Pricks” are stupid sammy asshats. if theyd focus their energy on creating good content instead of stealing other people’s, imagine where they might be.

  3. It is so annoying! I get these woodprix stuff all the time in my comments. The best advice for anyone that has a YT account that wants to get rid of this spam from woodprix is to go to comments for the video that has received the comment from them and beside the comment there is 3 small dots, click on it and one of the options will be “report spam or abuse”. Youtube is aware of this activity I’m sure and if others do it too it will become big time on YT radar. Death by a thousand cuts I say. Another way to do it is if you see a blue bar appear at the top of your comments that says “There are comments awaiting approval” just click on the “review” button. The offending spam from woodprix will be there, just click on the flag to the right of the comment and click on “report spam or abuse”. In my case people don’t get to see the comment from woodprix because YT has already flagged it as suspicious spam and put it in the review box. That last step sends it to TY again even though people don’t see it.

    1. You can actually set banned words in YouTube and many other platforms. I added Woodprix to all of them and recommend everyone else do the same.

      The problem is they will just change their name again in six months and we get to start all over. Stay vigilant.

      1. Didn’t know I could do that, but will do it IMMEDIATELY. BTW, they’re already using another word. Sadly, I’ve been reporting/deleting the comments from our YouTube channel and can’t remember what it was. Inprix, maybe? But still getting woodprix, too. Thanks for clarifying what is happening.

  4. These are becoming more and more frequent on both my channels.
    I have main words covered by the spam fitters so nothing gets through for general viewing. Is so take the extra time to report the user for spam and to block them.