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Weekly Maker Digest 8

Weekly Maker Digest #8

This week’s Maker Digest is all about sweet shop stools,  a geeky awesome wooden USS Enterprise, cool 360 degree videos, and a great garage upgrade with a surprise ending!  So grab a cold one and follow along!

Garage Woodworks’ Awesome Shop Stool

You may not think a shop stool is all that exciting, but let me tell you if you don’t have one in your shop, it won’t be long before you make one.  Standing gets very tiresome, especially when you’re batching things out one at a time for an hour or more.  I also loved the methods that Brian used to shape the top of this stool.  All around just a very enjoyable project to follow!  Great work Brian!  You can see his write up here: Make a Shop Stool

Carl Jacobson’s USS Enterprise

There might not ever be a more fitting project for me to show on the Maker Digest!  I mean its a geeky USS Enterprise made from wood?  What else could I ask for?  The lighted effects make it even cooler, including LEDs that shine onto the lighted warp nacelles! You can check out his write up here: Wooden USS Enterprise

Frank Howarth’s Segmented Bamboo Bowl

Frank made a pretty sweet bamboo segmented bowl this week, but with a sweet twist.  He used a 360 degree camera and made one of those awesome 360 degree YouTube videos.  And if that’s not cool enough, his editing was masterful.  Watch out for Frank peeking into windows and hiding in various places around the shop!  Frank didn’t write an article, but you can check out his website at Frank Makes.

April Wilkerson’s Garage Upgrade

If you’re not already subscribed to April, then get over there and do it!  She’s got a great channel!  This week her husband was out of town, so she gave him the gift of insulating his garage and replacing the drywall with OSB sheeting.  But she also took his car out for a little “spin” at the end of the video.  You won’t want to miss how that turns out!  Check

About The Geek Pub’s Weekly Maker Digest

I follow a lot of Makers around the web, and I subscribe to a lot of Maker Channels on YouTube.  Each week I pick my favorite projects from around the Maker Community and post them here (and on The GeekPub Facebook page).  I look for unique and interesting projects, as well projects that require fine craftsmanship, or a specific skill to accomplish.  These makers put a lot of effort into their videos.  So if you like their work, please consider subscribing to their channel!  Check out her site at WilkerDos.com!

Suggest a Project to be Featured

I can’t watch every single video on YouTube or follow every single maker’s website.  So if you have a project that you’d like to be seen here (whether you found it or made it), drop me a line at mike (at) thegeekpub.com so I don’t miss it!

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