Weekly Maker Digest #4

This week’s Weekly Maker Digest is all about drilling hardened steel the right way, free steadicams, rope made from grass, and a bacon dipped in epoxy tap handle that every beer keg should have!!  So grab a cold one and follow along!

NightHawkInLight’s Awesome Rope Grass

NightHawkInLight shows us how to make rope out of grass.  I’ve decided this guy can really make anything.  What a really cool idea.  You’re going to need to know how to do this when the zombie’s come! Hats off to this guy!

I Build It’s Awesome Drilling Experiment

John Heisz figured out how to use masonry drill bits to drill through hardened steel and worked like a champ!  This is something I would honestly have called total bull**it if I hadn’t seen John do it.  What a great tip!  You can read his web article about his drilling adventures here: Drilling Hardened Steel with Masonry Bits

Matthias Wandel’s Free Steadicam

Matthias Wandel is always coming up with cool inventions or unique ways to use everyday items for new purposes.  This week Matthias showed us how to use a tripod you already have as a steadicam in a pinch.  Its not perfect, but it works surprisingly well!  Don’t forget to checkout his article all about it here:  Steadicam Tripod

Peter Brown’s Bacon in Epoxy

Peter Brown is a crazy.  Let’s just be honest.  He’s absolutely off his rocker.  AND I LOVE IT!  Peter made an epoxy block of bacon that he then turned into a tap handle for a keg.  Best idea ever.  Be sure to also check out Peter’s website: Shop Time

About The Geek Pub’s Weekly Maker Digest

I follow a lot of Makers around the web, and I subscribe to a lot of Maker Channels on YouTube.  Each week I pick my favorite projects from around the Maker Community and post them here (and on The GeekPub Facebook page).  I look for unique and interesting projects, as well projects that require fine craftsmanship, or a specific skill to accomplish.  These makers put a lot of effort into their videos.  So if you like their work, please consider subscribing to their channel!