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Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

If you’re a maker, or at all into hobbies that require measuring things, a fraction to decimal conversion chart come in very handy. These charts allow you to quickly convert between fractions and their decimal equivalents in both inches and millimeters (imperial and metric).

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

We’ve created this awesome and super handy fraction to decimal conversion chart that you can view here online, download and print the PDF, or buy in our store (or Amazon) in a high quality vinyl sticker version! You’ll want to keep this chart close by anytime your working in your shop, doing math problems, and need to convert from fractions to decimals or vice-versa!

If you buy our vinyl sticker version you can easily apply it to any clean surface such as your workbench or toolbox. I keep one stuck on the door of my workshop!

How to Use the Conversion Chart

Converting fractions into their decimal equivalents in either inches or millimeters is super simple. The chart is divided into three columns (split in two to make the chart less lengthy). These columns are as follows:

  • Fractions show in black and yellow bubbles. The represent your most used fractional elements in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 forms.
  • The second column represents the decimal inches equivalent.
  • The third column represents the decimal metric millimeters equivalent.

Simply pick any bubble on the fraction to decimal conversion chart and follow the line to the right to match it up to its conversion. For example, if you slide down to 3/16″ on the chart you will see it converts to 0.1875 inches, or 4.7625 millimeters!

Vice-versa you can slide your finger down to any decimal number in either inches or millimeters and then slide left to find the closet fractional equivalent!

It’s easy to get confused doing these types of conversions in your head. We know! That’s we created this chart!

Downloading the PDF of the Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

You can download the PDF in super high-quality vector format directly from our website by clicking here. This PDF is completely free and can be printed on any standard inkjet or laser printer.

Ordering a Printed Vinyl Sticker

If you’d like a vinyl sticker, you can order your very own high quality fraction to decimal conversion chart by clicking on the image to the right.

These charts are printed in 8.5×11 premium quality “air release” vinyl. That means they can be applied to any smooth and clean surface bubble free!

Printed with the highest quality eco-friendly inks that will last for decades and won’t fade, while also being biodegradable.

You can also order on Amazon.

What is the deal with Fractions anyway?

So what are these fractions and why do we even use them? If you’re outside of the North America, you probably find the use of fractions to be somewhat strange and archaic!

Fractions represent a portion of an object or set of objects. Breaking them down into smaller bite-size pieces that you can work with. Long before decimal numbers were popular the Egyptians were working with fractions. In fact, they may have even invented them!

In the USA, and other places in North America fractions become popular when working with imperial units of measurements. The imperial system is not base-10. An inch breaks down into a half, then half of the half to a quarter, then to an eighth and so forth. This means we wind up with “1/32nd of inch”. or as we can see in our fraction to decimal conversion chart 0.03125 inches!

In science there are all kinds of fractions, the common or simple ones we use here, or the much more complex dyadic fraction that contains denominator in the fraction!

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