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Weekly Maker Digest 2

Weekly Maker Digest #2

This weeks Weekly Maker Digest is all about welding aluminum, skateboards from a single 2×4, making salad tongs, and weird but awesome sliced up slinky wood clock!  So grab a cold one and follow along!

Brian Grella’s Salad Tongs

You can literally make anything if you have just a little time to think about design. Brian from Garage Woodworks proved just that when he made some salad tongs from walnut and padauk. They look nice, they’re food safe, and they’re made at home. Great work Brian!

Steve Carmichael’s Skateboard from a Single 2×4

Steve is at again with his awesome ability and creative ways to turn a single 2×4 into something amazing.  This week he turned a single 2×4 into a rocking awesome skateboard.  He’s even got plans for it available at his website: Rad 2×4 Skateboard

Make Something’s Aluminum Welding

David Picciuto’s renamed show Make Something (formerly The Drunken Woodworker) shows us how to weld aluminum together without a welder using brazing rods. This is a handy technique, and all that’s needed is an inexpensive torch. Check out his web article here: Welding Aluminum without a Welder

Peter Brown’s Sliced Wood Clock

Peter Brown’s a weird dude. Weird in a cool way that is! He makes the weirdest things out of the weirdest things! This week he sliced some wood up into a wood slinky of sorts. The results are amazing!

About The Geek Pub’s Weekly Maker Digest

I follow a lot of Makers around the web, and I subscribe to a lot of Maker Channels on YouTube.  Each week I pick my favorite projects from around the Maker Community and post them here (and on The GeekPub Facebook page).  I look for unique and interesting projects, as well projects that require fine craftsmanship, or a specific skill to accomplish.  These makers put a lot of effort into their videos.  So if you like their work, please consider subscribing to their channel!

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