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Top YouTube Woodworkers YOU Should Subscribe to Right Now

YouTube is a really big place.  There’s a lot of channels.  It can be hard to find the best channels.  Well, if your interested in woodworking, I’ve put together a “top list” of the top YouTube woodworkers.  This list will be ranked by number of subscribers at the time of this post (because I think they all are #1!).

thegeekpub-pictureOf course, you should most certainly subscribe to me, but I figure if you’re here you already know who I am!

Feel free to leave a comment for any channel you feel I missed or left out.  I will try to update this list every month or two (or more often if I just happen to get some free time) to keep it as current as I can.  I do have one rule though, the channel must have more than 10K subscribers to get on this list. (Last Updated 9/14/2015).

1. Matthias Wandel – Woodgears.ca

matthias wandell pictureSubscribers: 491,155
Matthias Wandel’s Woodgears.ca is quite amazing!  He likes to in his own words make “cool but useless inventions because it attracts lots of YouTube views”.  Well he’s certainly accomplished his goal.  From his marble machine to his endless slinky staircase, Matthias and his Canadian based woodshop has made a dramatic impact on the woodworking world.  Be sure to check out his website at:  Woodgears.ca

2. Woodworking for Mere Mortals – Steve Ramsey

Woodworking for Mere Mortals Steve Ramsey PictureSubscribers: 471,442
Steve Ramsey’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals channel is just a fantastic channel.  It’s one of humor and fun.  He features woodworking that can be accomplished without the use of many of the larger power tools.  He also has free plans you can download for every project.  Steve has even made a full sized TARDIS from Doctor Who! He also has a channel called Mere Minutes should you like to keep up with his personal life. You can also find his website here:  Woodworking for Mere Mortals

3. I Like to Make Stuff – Bob Claggett

ILMS PictureSubscribers: 430,300
Bob Claggett’s I like To Make Stuff is an inspiring channel.  Bob makes everything from woodworking to metal working to electronics projects.  Bob teaches you how to make arcade controls, automate your dust collection with an Arduino, and even basic woodworking techniques. Definitely a must have on your YouTube watch list.  You can find his website here: I Like to Make Stuff

4. DIRESTA – Jimmy Diresta

jimmydjresta pictureSubscribers: 288,399
Jimmy Diresta, otherwise just known as  DIRESTA has really cool channel.  He takes you along as he does all sorts of contract work for companies, as well as his own personal projects.  He build signs, furniture, and other woodworking projects that really stand out.  He’s also a master welder and an expert at bandsaw carving. Oh, and his cat?  Yeah his cat is just cool!  Jimmy’s website can be found here: Jimmy Diresta

5. The Wood Whisperer – Marc Spagnuolo

marc spagnuolo pictureSubscribers: 237,186
Marc Spagnuolo’s The Wood Whisperer is filled with humor and lots of great content.  Marc makes all kinds of really cool woodworking projects.  He’s great at taking you through each step and really explaining the details of why he is doing things a certain way.  If you’re looking for lots of in-depth information Marc is definitely your guy.  I think Iv’e seen every one of his videos, twice.  Find Marc on the web at: The Wood Whisperer

6. I Build It – John Heisz

john heisz pictureSubscribers: 233,661
John Heisz’s I Build It channel is wicked cool.  Also from Canada, this guy has built everything from knives from a table saw blade (and a wooden knife!) to his own dust collector and band saw from scratch.  He’s absolutely a jack of all trades kinda goy.  He’s also got lots of shop projects, because hey, who doesn’t like shop projects?? You name it, he’s built it.  His website is: I Build It

7. Frank Makes – Frank Howarth

Frank Howarth pictureSubscribers: 165,299
Frank Howarth runs a little YouTube channel called Frank Makes.  It’s bigger on the inside. Trust me.  He chronicles the building of his new shop and all of the details that went into it.  He’s an expert at stop motion video and always adds some incredible stop motion sequences in his videos.  His most recent project is an entire ground up remodel of his kitchen.  Frank Makes.  And he makes cool stuff!  Check Frank out at his website: Frank Makes

8. Jay’s Custom Creations – Jay Bates

Jay Bates PictureSubscribers: 152,675
Jay Bate’s runs Jay’s Custom Creations channel.  He’s literally turned an blank two car garage into every man’s dream workshop.  His miter station and workbenches are super cool projects that every woodworker can’t help but want for their own shop.  He’s also made some really neat and useful storage solutions for tight spaces, both for the ceiling and for the wall.  Check jay out on the web at: Jay’s Custom Creations

9. Art & Home – Jon Peters

john peters pictureSubscribers: 133,799
Jon Peter’s Art & Home channel is a fantastic channel to follow.  Jon does all kinds of woodworking and art projects.  He makes furniture that really stands out and in many cases looks way better than some of the best professional work.  He also makes really cool art and then frames it for all to see.   And if you didn’t think Jon was cool enough he even keeps his own bees and collects the honey and the wax for his projects.  You can find Jon on the web here: Jon Peters Art & Home

10. April Wilkerson DIY

April-Wilkerson-PictureSubscribers: 126,903
April Wilkerson’s channel is one you don’t want to miss.  A female woodworker and DIYer is something the world (and the web) need more of.  She’s got a lot of fantastic shop projects that will help you get organized and maybe even re-imagine they way you setup your shop!  And if that weren’t already enough reason to start watching April’s show, how about the fact she’s a Texas girl!  Head on over to her website at Wilker Do’s to learn more!

11. Drunken Woodworker – David Picciuto

david picciuto pictureSubscribers: 86,169
David Picciuto’s Drunken Woodworker channel is rocking.  Seriously.  Check it!  David makes all kinds of woodworking tutorials, as well as weekly video series called “Makers & Shakers” where he chronicles the work of other woodworker’s projects that he admires.  David is really a gem in the YouTube woodworkers community.  He even hosts a podcast with Jimmy and Bob called Making It! You can find David’s website at where else?: Drunken Woodworker

12: The Carmichael Workshop – Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael PhotoSubscribers: 37,031
Steve Carmichael’s The Carmichael Workshop is one of my personal favorite channels.  Steve has a personality that you just can’t help but like.  He’s goofy and funny, and he makes super cool projects.  He’s made an R2D2, a real life electric guitar using the Inventable’s X-Carve, and even a screen printing jig to make your own custom T-Shirts.  Yeah.  Steve is freaking cool!  You can find him on the web at: The Carmichael Workshop

13: Darbin Orvar – Linn

darbin orvar pictureSubscribers: 33,941
Linn’s little place on YouTube is called Darbin Orvar.  The name is a play on her Dog’s name (not her name).  She combines smarts, fun projects, and a pretty face!  Linn also makes her own personal wax finishes from real beeswax that you can buy from her website.  She’s fun to listen to and very creative.  You won’t want to miss subscribing to her channel.  Of course, you can also find Linn on the web at her website: Darbin Orvar

14. Nick Ferry

nick ferry pictureSubscribers: 28,626
Nick Ferry’s channel is just neat.  He goes out of his way to make the sweetest versions of every project.  From his simply kick ass miter saw sled to his plain awesome mobile tool cart, it’s just about impossible not to fall in love with Nick’s videos.  He’s also quite the stage guy with several cool props that he’s built for local plays in his community.  If you haven’t taken the time to check out Nick Ferry, it’s time to do so!  Head over to his website here: Nick Ferry

15. Down to Earth Woodworks – Steve Johnson

steve johnson pictureSubscribers: 21,846
Steve Johnson’s channel, the Down to Earth Woodworker is well, what can I say?  Down to Earth!  Steve is very easy to listen to and has some great videos on some very basics of woodworking.  He’s got a super sweet series on setting up his dust collection in his new shop.  He’s such a cool guy I wish he lived near me so we could have coffee every morning.  Steve’s pretty new to the YouTube scene, but I bet he’ll big in no time. You can visit Steve’s website here: Down to Earth Woodworking

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  1. you might add Izzy Swan’s amazing stuff here. His website Thinkwoodworks is a treasure. Be sure to see Bob, the driall powered dinosaur.

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