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Woodworking Links and Maker Links

Links to Other Woodworkers and Makers

I love creating articles and videos to share with you.  If you like my stuff, then there are a lot of really good makers you should check out on the web.  Each and every one of them has something unique to offer.  So here I placed woodworking links and maker links to other woodworkers and makers that I thought you might enjoy.  You should also check out my Top YouTube Woodworking Channels post if you’re specifically interested in woodworking videos!


April Wilkerson – Wilker Do’s is Aprils workshop.  She calls herself inexperienced, but learning.  She shares her experiences of learning new techniques and first time project builds with us as she goes.
YouTube: April Wilkerson | Website: Wilker Do’s


Bob Clagett – I Like to Make Stuff is a wonderful resource for all types of maker stuff.  Bob does CNC, 3D printing, woodworking, and even home improvement projects!
YouTube: I Like to Make Stuff | Website: I Like to Make Stuff

Brian Grella – Garage Woodworks is Brian’s place on the web.  He believes that the woodshop goes in the garage and the cars sleep outside.  Brian has made some absolutely gorgeous woodworking projects.
YouTube: Garage Woodworks | Website: Garage Woodworks


Carl Jacobson – Woodturning extraordinaire!  Carl turns all kinds of beautiful creations on his lathe.  A definite must follow for wood turning fans!
YouTube: Carl Jacobson | Website: The Wood Shop


David Picciuto – Make Something (previously the Drunken Woodworker) is pretty cool website and channel.  David likes to make things in very cool way.  His videos are highly produced and his personality is pretty awesome.  Go check him out!
YouTube: Make Something | Website: Make Something


Frank Howarth – Frank Makes is Frank’s place on the web.  Frank makes all kinds of woodworking projects from his incredible work shop.  His editing style for his videos is incredible with all kinds of stop motion sequences!  A must see!
YouTube: Frank Howarth | Website: Frank Makes


Grant Thompson – Grant makes all kinds of things.  He’s got some fantastic PVC projects, and a really cool custom workshop/router table build.  He’s also a YouTube superstar with over 4M subscribers!
YouTube: The King of Random | Website: N/A


Izzy Swan – Izzy Swan has a really nice resource for all kinds of woodworking projects and ideas.
YouTube: Izzy Swan | Website: Think Woodworks


Jay Bates – Jay’s Custom Creations is Jay’s place to show off his projects.  Jay really prefers to work with pine and softwoods, creating some really nice pieces from home improvement center lumber.  He’s also shows off a lot of tips and tricks.  Be sure to follow Jay!
YouTube: Jay Bates | Website: Jay’s Custom Creations

Jimmy DiResta – DIRESTA makes everything.  If you found yourself in the Walking Dead scenario, you’d seriously want Jimmy on your team.  He can make anything he puts his mind to and has the videos to prove it!
YouTube: DIRESTA | Website: Jimmy DiResta

John Heisz – I Build It! Making videos from Canada, John is a builder, maker, and woodworker.  John even makes his own tools! If you prefer more of a conversational style of video, you’ll love John’s work.
YouTube: I Build It | Website: I Build It

Jon Peters – Jon Peters’ Art and Home is a great place to learn some woodworking skills.  Jon makes tables, and cabinetry.  He’s also an accomplished painter and bee keeper!
YouTube: Jon Peters Art and Home | Website: Jon Peters Art and Home


Kip Kedersha – “Kipkay” as he likes to go by does a only a tiny bit of woodworking.  He is mostly focused on making cool inventions out of every day items and small electronics.  He’s a YouTube veteran.
YouTube: Kipkay | Website: Kipkay


Linn – The Darbin Orvar channel is a wonderful woodworking and creativity site by Linn. She also makes her own beeswax finishes that you can buy.
YouTube: Darbin Orvar | Website: Darbin Orvar


Marc Spagnuolo -Marc likes to make sure that you have fun while you learn woodworking.  He’s got an odd, but enjoyable sense of humor and he’s got lots of plans and highly educational material on his site.  And he runs a woodworking guild!
YouTube: The Wood Whisperer | Website: The Wood Whisperer

Matt Cremona – Matt makes fine furniture, not just ordinary woodworking projects.  He puts his heart and soul into the things he makes.  His laugh is also infectious.  Be sure to check out his secretary build.  It’s amazing.
YouTube: Matt Cremona | Website: Matt Cremona

Matt Haas – Matt is relatively new on the scene, but has some pretty good content with more in the works!
YouTube: Awesome Wood Things | Website: Awesome Wood Things

Matthias Wandel – Woodworker and Maker from Canada.  Has some really fantastic videos on making wooden gears other amazing projects.
YouTube: Matthias Wandel | Website: Wood Gears

Mike Murray – The Geek Pub (This Website if you’re reading the original) is my stuff.  I’m a maker.  I create things.  From woodworking to electronics, I like to make stuff and its a blast when you follow along!
YouTube: The Geek Pub | Website: The Geek Pub


Nick Ferry – Woodworker and YouTuber who has made some really nice shop gear.  His miter saw sled is the bomb!
YouTube: Nick Ferry | Website: Nick Ferry


Peter Brown – Crazy maker!  Peter finds really neat ways to do things differently.  He loves to turn epoxy on the lathe and make jewelry.  He even made a tap handle from bacon dipped in epoxy!
YouTube: Peter Brown


Steve Carmichael – Steve runs The Carmichael Workshop.  His ideas for his creations are just amazing.  He comes up with some of the most creative ideas I’ve seen in a while.  He also loves the challenge of making something out of a single 2×4 with minimum waste.
YouTube: Steve Carmichael | Website: The Carmichael Workshop

Steve Johnson – Down to Earth Woodworking with Steve Johnson.  Steve does a wonderful job of teaching both simple and complex woodworking skills.  He’s also a great product demonstrator.
YouTube: Down to Earth Woodworker | Website: Down to Earth Woodworking

Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals is a great resource for all kinds of free plans and woodworking videos.  Steve is a very likable host and his projects inspire!
YouTube: Steve Ramsey | Website: For Mere Mortals


Wes Swain – Wes has a neat channel called Geeksmithing.  He makes some really awesome geek related projects that you can follow along with! Some are pretty elaborate too!
YouTube: Geeksmithing | Website: Geeksmithing

Links to Woodworking Supplies and Retailers

Rockler Woodworking and Hardwarewww.rockler.com


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