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Shop Tour Grizzly H3140 / Harbor Freight Central Machinery 1X30 Belt Sander

The Grizzly H3140 / Central Machinery 1″ X 30″ Belt Sander

I bought my 1 Inch Belt Sander from Harbor Freight under the Central Machinery brand name.  However, this is the exact same machine all the way down to the numbers stamped on every single component as the Grizzly HS3140 and other 1″x30″ belt sanders that look like this unit.  The reason I bought from Harbor Freight is because the price was half what the cost on Amazon and Grizzly were.  Again, for the exact same unit.  The published specs on the websites vary slightly, Grizzly claims it is a 1/4 HP motor where Harbor Freight claims it is a 1/3 HP motor.  This is silly, because I can tell you for a fact the motor is the exact same model # and it is definitely a 1/4 HP, not a 1/3 HP as Harbor Freight claims.

Now I will be the first to tell you that from a quality perspective it is simply OK.  I’s got an aluminum table instead of cast iron, and there is lots of plastic on it.  It is hard to keep the belt adjusted and running straight because if the way the belt adjuster is designed.  But I have to tell you, for $39 it does everything I need it to do and I can’t complain too much since thats good value.  At the Grizzly H3140 price of $90 bucks or the Amazon price of $129 I would be pretty upset with it.  So do yourself a favor and pick yours up at Harbor Freight.

I’ve sharpened some knives on this thing to razor blade like sharpness using various higher grits and a leather belt to finish it off.  It can get the job done with a little patience.

Grizzly H3140 Harbor Freight 1 inch belt sander
Grizzly H3140 / Harbor Freight Center Machinery 1″x30″ Belt Sander