T-Molding Slot Cutter (1/16″ Slot, 1/4″ Shank)


The Geek Pub T-Molding slot cutter for 1/4″ (~6mm) shank handheld routers and router tables.

  • SLOT CUTTER – Perfect for cutting slots for T-molding, joinery, edge shaping, and other general slot cutting needs.
  • PREMIUM – Carbide blade will last longer and provide for higher quality clean cuts on your wood surfaces. Quality bearings will not chirp or otherwise wear prematurely.
  • COMPATIBLE – Works with all router tables and handheld routers that accept a 1/4in shank router bit.
  • SLOT DEPTH – Included guide bearing cuts to 1/2in depth. Guide bearing can be can be swapped with any standard router bit bearing to adjust depth of cut (additional bearings not included).
  • MULTI-MATERIAL – Works well with most any typical hardwood, softwood, composites, plywood, and MDF.

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