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74LS245 / 74LS245N replacement chip,DIP-20, Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs.


74LS245 / 74LS245N replacement chip,DIP-20, Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs.

The 74LS245 is an integrated circuit (IC) that belongs to the 74LS family of TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) chips. It is commonly used as an octal bus transceiver, meaning it can control the bidirectional transfer of data between two buses. The 74LS245 is designed to facilitate the transfer of data between devices that operate at different voltage levels.

Here are some key features and characteristics of the 74LS245:

  1. Eight Channels: The IC has eight bidirectional data channels, allowing it to handle eight bits of data simultaneously.
  2. Tri-State Outputs: The 74LS245 features tri-state outputs, which means that each data channel can be in one of three states: high, low, or high-impedance (Z). The high-impedance state effectively disconnects the output from the bus, allowing for multiple devices to share the same bus without interference.
  3. Direction Control: The IC includes control inputs for direction control, usually labeled as “DIR” or similar. This input determines the direction of data flow, allowing the 74LS245 to function as either a bus transceiver or a buffer.
  4. Voltage Compatibility: The 74LS245 is designed to be compatible with TTL logic levels, typically operating with a supply voltage of 5V. This makes it suitable for interfacing between devices that operate at different voltage levels.
  5. Package Options: The IC is available in various package types, such as DIP (Dual Inline Package) and SOP (Small Outline Package), making it versatile for different applications and circuit designs.

When using the 74LS245, it’s essential to follow the datasheet provided by the manufacturer, as it contains detailed information on electrical characteristics, pinouts, recommended operating conditions, and timing diagrams. This will ensure proper integration into your electronic circuits.

Arcade Games and Pinball Machines that Use 74LS245

The following arcade games and pinball machines use the 74LS245 on their PCBs:

  • 1943
  • Asteroids
  • Centipede
  • Donkey Kong
  • Galaga
  • Galaxian
  • Gyruss
  • Jr. Pac-Man
  • Lunar Lander
  • Mario Brothers
  • Millipede
  • Phoenix
  • Qix
  • Robotron
  • Spy Hunter
  • Street Fighter
  • Tempest
  • Zoo Keeper
  • many others…

74LS245 / 74LS245N Pinout

The following represents the pinout of the 74LS245N in a DIP-20 package, commonly used in arcade and pinball machines.

74LS245 Pinout

  • PIN 1: Controls signal direction; Low=Bx to Ax, High=Ax to Bx
  • PIN 2: Channel 1, A side
  • PIN 3: Channel 2, A side
  • PIN 4: Channel 3, A side
  • PIN 5: Channel 4, A side
  • PIN 6: Channel 5, A side
  • PIN 7: Channel 6, A side
  • PIN 8: Channel 7, A side
  • PIN 9: Channel 8, A side
  • PIN 10: Ground
  • PIN 11: Channel 8, B side
  • PIN 12: Channel 7, B side
  • PIN 13: Channel 6, B side
  • PIN 14: Channel 5, B side
  • PIN 15: Channel 4, B side
  • PIN 16: Channel 3, B side
  • PIN 17: Channel 2, B side
  • PIN 18: Channel 1, B side
  • PIN 19: Active low output enable; Low=all channels active, High=all channels disabled (high impedance)
  • PIN 20: Power supply Vcc

74LS245 Datasheet

You can find the datasheet for the 74LS245 here: 74LS245 datasheet

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