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K4600 Flowchart for Wells-Gardner Monitors

Despite the difficulty in troubleshooting a CRT-based arcade monitor, there is a practical remedy that can simplify the process significantly: a troubleshooting flowchart. The Wells-Gardner K4600 flowchart can be employed to troubleshoot your monitor effortlessly, eliminating any needless vexation.

Usually, resolving issues with electronic boards and circuits in arcade games demands a considerable amount of electronics proficiency. Nevertheless, the K4600 flowchart streamlines the process by providing a methodical approach that delineates the basic steps for detecting the most prevalent components that may malfunction. Consequently, even if you lack advanced electronics knowledge, you can still utilize the K4900 flowchart to diagnose problems with your arcade game’s electronic circuits effectively.

How to use the K4600 Flowchart

Simply start at the START HERE section of the flowchart and follow each step until you have identified the problem with your G07 monitor.

Once you’ve reached the symptom for your issue the flowchart will recommend a component to replace (or adjust). In some cases you may be able to swap components to see if a problem moves. For example, if your monitor is missing red, you can swap the red and green transistors (i.e. TR205 and TR208). If the green goes out, but red is restored you can be sure that you have a failed transistor before ordering unnecessary parts.

If your monitor has multiple issues, you may have to return to the START HERE and re-follow the chart to find the next issue and its potential solution.

Wells-Gardner K4600 Flowchart

Wells-Gardner K4600 Flowchart PDF

If you’d like to download and print your own copy of the K4600 flowchart you can get the high-res PDF version by clicking here: K4600 Flowchart PDF

You may also want to download the Wells-Gardner K4600 Service Manual. (This version of the PDF had been OCRed and is text searchable.)

Warning and Risk of Shock

When using the K4600 flowchart, you must be aware that you are troubleshooting electronic components with voltages from 5V all the way up to 60,000 volts. The risk for electric shock is high. Troubleshooting should be performed with the monitor off, unplugged, and the CRT discharged. You assume all risks!

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