Have you ever wanted to install a hidden wall safe? Every home should have at least one. A safe is a great place to keep valuables that burglars are after during a home burglary. Safes come in all varieties of shapes and sizes, and you can find one for almost any application.  One of my favorite safes is the in wall safe that can be hidden behind a door or other places in your home.  Burglars are likely to be in quite a hurry and miss these during their ransacking of your home.

And even if they do find the safe, they are likely to be in such a hurry that they won’t take the time to mess with the safe anyway, as there will be much lower hanging fruit like your TV or laptop computer.  The safe will be too troublesome for most thieves to waste their time on. They want to be long gone before the home owner or the cops show up.

Install a Hidden Wall Safe

To install a hidden wall safe you first need a place to hide it.  I recommend behind a door, or inside a closet behind clothes. You could even put it on a wall, and then put a dresser or bed in front of it. In my case we are installing this safe for our mother-in-law so we put it in her closet, behind the door. A location she can get to easily, and burglars will probably ignore during the quick in and out.

Watch the Hidden Wall Safe Video

Step 1: Buy the Safe

If you’d like to buy this safe, you can get it at Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2mjV74W

Step 2: Measure and Mark the Drywall

Use a stud finder, measuring tape and straight edge to locate and mark the locations of your studs.

Step 3: Cut out and Remove the Drywall

Use a drywall saw to quickly cutout the drywall following the lines you made earlier.

Step 4: Install the Safe

Set the safe into the cavity, predrill the holes, and then mount it using the lag bolts provided with the safe.

Installing a Hidden Wall Safe is Complete

That’s all there is to installing a hidden wall safe in your home! Just set the code to something you can remember and you’re good to go!

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