In this Pub Talk, I talk about Stickers and my Camera Gear. You guys have been sending me stickers for months, but I haven’t had a place to put them.  I don’t really like putting stickers on my tools either. So recently I built a new set of cabinets for the workshop! A perfect place to put all of your stickers.

I also take a minute to answer a view question about which type of camera gear I use.

Watch the Pub Talk #03 Video

Sticker Time

I’d been collecting stickers you guys have sent me for almost a year. I hadn’t had a place to put them, so I just kept them in a drawer in my office. Yeah, I know. Lame.  Well, last weekend I built some new storage cabinets for the garage. I badly needed to the storage space. The fronts of them are of course the perfect place to put your stickers. I wanted to put them somewhere that would get a lot of airtime in my videos! So with that, I hung the following stickers:

If you want to trade stickers with me, send me a line and we’ll trade! If you don’t want to trade, but still want a sticker, you can get one here.

Camera Gear

I also wanted to take a minute to answer a question I get somewhat frequently: “What camera/tripod/lighting/audio gear do you use?” Watch the video to find out more, but the basics are:

None of these companies have sponsored The Geek Pub. I just like their gear.