Every cat needs a place to call home.  But your home isn’t enough to satisfy your kitty, unless you’re OK with your cat using your personal belongings and furniture as his toys.  You’re kitty needs to be entertained.  If you don’t provide your cat with toys it will use your socks.  If you don’t provide your cat a place to sleep, it will use your favorite chair.  If you don’t provide your kitty a place to scratch his claws, kitty will use the back of your sofa, or your $1000 Hermes dress!  Our feline friends may think they are the owner of the house and you are the pet, but we’ll just have to let them keep thinking that and make sure they have other places to direct their attention.

Yes kitties need a home of their own, and they need one that will last them a long time and look nice.  And if your home has multiple felines roaming around, then this is even more important!

Introducing The Ultimate Cat Tower

ultimate cat tower 2David over at The 8-Bit Guy decided to take matters into his own hands and design and develop his how Ultimate Cat Tower.  He calls it The Kitty Rocket Tower, and he even made plans for it that you can use to make your own ultimate cat tower.

So be sure to grab a copy of these plans and make your very own Kitty Rocket Tower to use at your home!

Most cat trees are made from cardboard tubes and junk carpet/rope/paint.  This cat tree will last forever and is designed to have replaceable components.

Download the Ultimate Cat Tower Plans Here

Watch the Ultimate Cat Tower Video

Building the Ultimate Cat Tower

The Ultimate Cat Tower, or Kitty Rocket Tower if you prefer, is pretty simple to build.  While in the video David uses The Geek Pub’s shop to make this cat tower, you can most certainly make it with nothing but a handsaw and screwdriver.

Step 1: Make the Legs

The first step in making the Kitty Rocket Tower is to create all of the legs.  They’re notched so that you can slide the MDF floors for each level into place and secure them.  This will make for a very strong cat tower that will last forever.  If you don’t have a table saw, you can also notch these by hand with a chisel.

Step 2: Make the Floors

The floors are made from MDF.  You can make those using your handheld saw, or if you have a table saw, you can cut them out a little faster.  The edges of the floors need to be cut off so that they fit inside the notches we made in step one.  A disc sander makes quick work of that.  A file or a handsaw will also work if you don’t have one.

Step 3: Make the Door for the Rooms

Using some additional MDF, cut out some doors for the rooms.  You can make them any shape you want, but David went for the rounded over arch look.  It turned out great!

Step 4: Assemble the Ultimate Cat Tower

It might help to have a second person to assemble the kitty rocket tower, so grab a friend and start sliding everything together.  Be sure to use glue and screws on all of the joints.

Step 5: Paint it and Wrap it

The last thing you’ll want to do is paint your Ultimate Cat Tower with an oil based paint, and then wrap the legs with rope for your awesome little kitties to scratch on!

The Finished Ultimate Cat Tower

And now you have your very own Ultimate Cat Tower (again, also called the Kitty Rocket Tower) for your cat’s to enjoy for ages to come!

Ultimate Cat Tower 3

Download the Ultimate Cat Tower Plans Here