Recently I noticed that printed on the bottom of McDonald’s bags are people’s names, along with a date. I got to wondering… Why are there names on the bottom of McDonald’s bags?   On my particular bags is B.RUCKER and D.WALKER.

Well… if you, like me, ponder such odd and nefarious things.  Ponder no more!

It turns out that this is simply part of quality control at many paper printing companies and not necessarily specific to McDonald’s.  That’s right.  Many fast food bags have these names and dates printed on the bottom of them, as well as grocery bags and gift bags!

When they fold and glue the bags at the factory, they stamp them with the names and dates of either the section supervisor, or the person operating the machinery at that particular time.  It’s all just part of the quality control process of the paper company, and nothing to get all excited about.  Unless you’re excited about a Big Mac.  Yeah.  Let’s go get one!