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Mike Murray
Mike Murray

Happy new year from The Geek Pub!  Without my awesome audience, I couldn’t even begin to imagine where The Geek Pub would have gone over the last 12 months.  Probably nowhere!  It’s because of you guys (and gals!) that I do what I do.  You truly are the best fans in the world!

Every year, right before I get started with new project videos I take some time and I review my stats from the previous year.  This includes my YouTube stats, my Google Analytics, my WordPress and WooCommerce stats, etc.  I look at them every few days, but looking at them annually really changes things.

I’m always surprised at the little things that pop out, and of course sometimes the big hits.  My most popular articles and videos of 2015 were actually videos I made in 2013.  It just goes to show how momentum builds over time.  My most popular project ever has been hands down my Mini Forge video.  It’s seen well over 150K views on YouTube.  My most popular new project created in 2015? The Arcade Cabinet Build by far.

Some quick facts about The Geek Pub in 2015:

  • I created and mailed my first stickers.
  • I posted my first Instagram picture.
  • I doubled my YouTube subscriber base.
  • I quadrupled my website traffic.
  • I created a Patreon account in December.
  • My audience is primarily US, but Canada, UK, and Australia are almost exactly tied for 2nd place.
  • 25% of my visitors are women!

For me, it’s been a pretty good year.  Remember, I only get a few hours a week to work on The Geek Pub between my day job and my family, which always have to come first (and I happen to love my job and my family which I know is not always the case these days).

But with these reviews I realize I need to make some tweaks.  The truth is The Geek Pub was growing faster when it was more about making and less about woodworking.  I didn’t do a single PVC video in 2015, and those are some of my most popular videos ever.  I didn’t do anything with the Mini Forge and many of you asked me to continue that series.  I enjoy woodworking, and that seems to have dominated the channel in 2015.  Does that mean I won’t be doing any woodworking in 2016?  Of course not, I’ll still be doing lots of it, but I will make some time for non-woodworking as well.

And with that I’ve been planning a new segment of the show for quite some time that I am very excited about.  Something that I believe will take The Geek Pub to a whole new level and something you guys will love!  I can’t tell you what it is because someone will steal my idea and run with it before I can do it (that whole part time thing)  No spoilers this time! But trust me, you’re going to like it!

Happy New Year and I’ll see you soon!

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