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Weekly Maker Digest #5

This week’s Weekly Maker Digest is all about super awesome nerf blasters, desktop sanders from a drill, a custom wooden dovetail saw, and an awesome wooden counter top that you know you’ll want!!  So grab a cold one and follow along!

I Like to Make Stuff’s Nerf Gun Conversion

One of the things I really admire about Bob Clagett is that he’s not afraid to try things.  Most people would never have dreamed that a Nerf Blaster Gun could become something that looks like it belongs on sci-fi movie poster!  You can check out Bob’s website write up on this article: Customize a Nerf Blaster

Izzy Swan’s Desktop Sander from a Drill

Izzy Swan makes some seriously cool wood products.  Check out this bench sander made a from wood and a hand-held drill.  This is truly awesome and comes with a great space saving feature.  Check out his website write up here: Drill Powered Disc Sander

Custom Dovetail Saw from John Heisz

There must not be a department store or home improvement center where John lives, because he never buys anything.  Instead, he just makes incredible products from junk.  This dovetail saw turned out beautifully!  You can read his web article here: Woodframe Dovetail Saw

Darbin Orvar’s Awesome Wooden Counter Top

Linn from the Darbin Orvar channel made this awesome wooden counter top.  It’s part three of an ongoing series about her built-ins.  Be sure to check it out!

About The Geek Pub’s Weekly Maker Digest

I follow a lot of Makers around the web, and I subscribe to a lot of Maker Channels on YouTube.  Each week I pick my favorite projects from around the Maker Community and post them here (and on The GeekPub Facebook page).  I look for unique and interesting projects, as well projects that require fine craftsmanship, or a specific skill to accomplish.  These makers put a lot of effort into their videos.  So if you like their work, please consider subscribing to their channel!

Suggest a Project to be Featured

I can’t watch every single video on YouTube or follow every single maker’s website.  So if you have a project that you’d like to be seen here (whether you found it or made it), drop me a line at mike (at) thegeekpub.com so I don’t miss it!

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